• Well, it's a mall. It has shops. Relatively clean inside, but the windows look like they've never seen a squeegee. Could use more than 2 ticket machines at every exit though... you'd think the line spanning 3 stores would motivate them to do that.
  • I was surprised to find that I like this mall so much. There were stores that I had never heard of that sold items I wished I'd known about so that I could have budgeted. It easy to walk around. The toilets are unbelievably fabulous. The atmosphere is inviting. Wow...
  • I loved the place. Plenty of restaurants, clothing and food stores to choose from. For kids we had arcade games to put smiles on their faces. My daughter didn't even want to go.
  • Absolutely LOVED it... I think us adults loved it more than the kids :-p Let your inner child go crazy at Rush!! The staff are supe awesome, helpfull and friendly!!!
  • Very cool, also expect any or this mall to be packed when busy times (peak times) on weekends There's a lot in a mall, here I went to the bowling in Greenstone, would be cool if Google maps could pin this one when you search for Bowling near me. Other than that very cool and nice.

Centre Information

180 Minutes free wifi
Ample parking
Greenstone Shopping centre food court
Food court

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General Management

General Manager
Tiffiny Scott
011 524 0445

Operations Manager
Dewet Meyer
011 524 0445

Property Administrator/Leasing
Tracey Erasmus
011 524 0445

Marketing Manager
Jacqui Bloom
011 524 0445

Sales Manager
Chanel Ivan
011 524 0445

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