Pedicures and paychecks: Life beyond the Twilight zone

Pedicures and paychecks: Life beyond the Twilight zone

At the beginning of lockdown life felt surreal, and many of us struggled to adjust to the upside down world. We’ve all been made acutely aware of how different the experience has been for everyone (insert famous quote about all weathering the storm together but not being in the same boat). And frustration mounts because things are just not right, and the end is not yet in sight.

Our lives are disrupted in so many ways, from pedicures to paychecks. And in times of uncertainty, and the struggle of trying to keep your life together while juggling kids, homeschooling, work, mental stability, chores etc, things can really fall apart.

Our lockdown restrictions are lifting slowly but surely, one by one. And life (always) goes on, so we have to prepare ourselves and our families. It has been stressful to many people and, understandably, for most it has been very hard to be disciplined while everything around us feels like chaos.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and we’re battling with different challenges as part of our effort to ride out the Covid-19 storm. It’s natural to want to lie in a bit longer, and too easy to be tempted by all the various things that we associate with off-time or weekend-time at home. But when you have to be productive, and you’re trying to manage your anxiety, then routine and structure is your friend. When your world is upside down, cling to these trustworthy allies - they will energise you in the long run.

Whether you’re working from home or just trying to keep things under control while waiting out the storm, consider the following tips:

Most children need structure and routine - it makes them feel safe and less anxious. The magic in this parenting tip is: it’s a universal truth for anyone feeling disrupted or anxious. We can’t control what’s happening in the world right now, but we can control our own environments. Routine doesn’t sound very exciting, but it is magical. 

Pretend as if it’s business as usual and keep meal times close to the same time you’re used to. Also, if you used to have pizza every Friday, then continue doing that. Speaking of business, it might have been fun at first, but probably not a great idea to work in your pj’s all day if you want to get back into routine.

Do a bit of time management (or a lot…).In this time of flux, it might just be your saving grace. Time management is a word that gets thrown around a lot in a world where people try and have it all. But it’s not to be sneered at - time management is a great way to instill routine and create the feeling of security in anxious times. You don’t have to be productive for every minute of the day - time management can be as simple as being disciplined about setting time aside for work, for chores, for home schooling and also for cooking, exercise and fun. Knowing that you have allocated time for specific things, will help you feel more in control.

Start your day off right: We all have that one thing that makes us ready to have a productive day. For some it’s putting on red lipstick, to some it’s the bare minimum like brushing their teeth and their hair. Others need coffee, a bit of meditation, packing a lunch, taking a hot shower or a shot of vodka. No matter what your routine is for having a good day - it’s more important now than ever that you know what it is, and that you don’t stop doing it.

Don’t disregard the effect all this can have on your mental health - get yourself and your family out of the door for a good dose of fresh air and exercise.
Stick to early bedtimes, a good night’s rest is not only beneficial to your immune system, but also a great way to help you be productive during the day and get ready to move into “normal” routines.

We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of doing pretty much everything. Some have it incredibly tough and face very little to no income for the foreseeable future. Some of us are lucky enough to keep on working, even though we don’t really feel that lucky most of the time.

Though many people have made some very instagrammable comments and jokes about the “joys” of working from home while also being the chef, the teacher, the cleaner, etc., it is undoubtedly one of the more stressful things many of us will go through.

Look at your experience during lockdown and identify one or two things that was the silver lining on the Covid Cloud. Maybe your family really enjoys having a proper breakfast together, or just exercising together. Or maybe it’s having time to sit through a whole movie together. Pick one or two things that you would like to continue doing once this madness ends, and then make another list for all the things you look forward to doing again.

Thanks to social media this is a famous quote by now, but very apt: Remember this too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

Forgive yourself for everything you should have done or could have done and march forwards with new enthusiasm into every lockdown level. We’re all gatvol, and we’ll all just have to keep on trying to do our best for a little while longer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink power: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may be wondering… what does wearing a pink ribbon really mean? How will it actually help anyone with breast cancer? What good does it do against this disease which strikes an average of one in 26 South African women in their lifetimes?

A lot more than you may think.

That pink ribbon isn’t just a symbol. It’s a reminder. Because of how chaotic our lives can be, it is easy to forget to do the simple checks every woman should be doing on a regular basis. And it is just as easy to ignore early warning signs.

By wearing the pink, you’re sending out a message to a woman who may have developed an odd symptom with her breasts, such as a strange discharge from her nipples. Something she tries to put out of mind and not think about – because maybe she’s “too busy” being the perfect mother, businesswoman, and/or wife.

She could see that pink ribbon and realise the stakes may be higher than she wants to acknowledge. And that it’s time to find time to do something about it. Even if that’s just for reassurance in the comfort nothing is amiss.

So, you’ve already made a difference to one life. Maybe ten. Maybe more.

The pink ribbon is more than a symbol, it is a powerful message. Of hope. That breast cancer is both preventable and treatable – especially if detected early on. A strange lump? It needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

Fortunately, our Dis-Chem in the centre is one of the 151 Dis-Chems in the country that have a wellness clinic, so a nurse should be able to assist you if you want to be checked for any lumps or other signs for concern. If there are any, she’ll recommend you speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

But prevention is just as important. In all three of our pharmacies are health products and food supplements which can help the body retain the balance it needs to lower the risk of developing this disease.

Further, we advise taking up a contract with myGym, our in-house gym (kind of obvious from the name, we guess), for physical and mental fitness – they hold a variety of courses, designed to give you the end-result you’re most interested in. Moreover, they’re about being fit… and a healthy body vastly reduces your risks.

You should also look at your diet. Fresh produce from Pick n Pay will go a long way to helping your body put up its best defences against aberrations.

A pink ribbon can help remind women to do these things. That’s the point.

It is the embodiment of the fight against breast cancer. By wearing it, you’ve shown your part of the fight.

And that is enough to make a difference to at least one other person’s life.

For more information click HERE


Grab your takkies and spin your trolley for charity

Many people are used to racing down the aisles of the supermarket with their trolleys, grabbing items as they race along. But at 6pm on Friday 17 July, two teams dashed through Pick n Pay Hyper at Greenstone Shopping Centre for charity. This 6.7 minute Trolley Dash of Hope was in preparation for Mandela Day on Saturday the 18th, the day on which people world-wide celebrate the icon’s life by donating their time and efforts to make the world a better place.


Ward 32 Councillor Bongani Nkomo, speaking about Mandela Day initiatives, urged community members to donate towards food drops for the disadvantaged residents from Alexandra, Linbro Park and Klipfonteinview. Greenstone Shopping Centre falls into this ward and heeded the call by running an online competition, giving their shoppers the opportunity to participate in the Trolly Dash of Hope. The two teams chosen were: Kim Cooke and Micaela Herb (Blondes Have More Run) and Caylee Harman-Vosloo & Anthony Vosloo (The Wolfpack).


The Trolley Dash teams raced against the clock to fill their trolleys with R6 700’s worth of groceries for those in need. It was an exhilarating finish with “The Wolfpack” declared the winners, having collected 47 items from their shopping list. The winning team pocketed vouchers worth R2 250 sponsored by Pick n Pay, Woolworths and Greenstone Shopping Centre.


The groceries collected during the trolley dash were donated to the Sir. Alfred Health and Elderly Care charity and were handed over to the beneficiary on Mandela Day, 18 July. The value of the groceries totalling R6 700 symbolises the 67 minutes of their time people donate to charity on this day. “The values of compassion and inclusivity embraced by Nelson Mandela are even more reliant today, we need to come together as a community to support those who need it the most” said Jacqui Bloom, Marketing Manager of Greenstone Shopping Centre.


Sir. Alfred Health and Elderly Care is a non-profit organisation that was established for the improvement of the lives of old aged persons, specifically disadvantaged people. They have a strong vision of providing social support for the elderly and one of their principles is to foster daily hope and courage. They do this through fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support and many more. They also try to give the elderly access to quality health care and support them with hygienic issues.


For more info on this organisation, visit http://www.sahec.org.za/index.php or visit their Facebook page. There is an easy way to donate to this very worthy cause on both sites. You can email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them on 079 128 3322.


View the Competition T's and C's HERE.

Halloween: Scream Scene

Thursday 31 October will be Halloween, long a traditional American holiday where the little ones put on scary outfits and go to neighbours’ houses, knocking on doors, and trying to blackmail their way to candy. What kind of trick would they do if they’re not bought off with treats? Who knows? But children can be scary, especially when throwing a tantrum, so it’s best to bribe the bra… boys and girls.

Unsurprisingly, such a holiday caught on here, and as a result everywhere we find some of our tenants take on the spookiness of the late season.

Party City, has plenty of Halloween themed goodies for the kids (and grownups) whether that’s simply witches outfits, demon masks, pirate attire (aaaarrrr, we’rrrrrre not afrrrrrraid of no ghost, matey!), or the several other options in their selection of items. There’s something for everyone’s inner ghoul.

If however, you’re not up to dressing up for the season, dress down and get under a comfy blanket. You’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of a scary movie or two (or even binge watch a series like Black Mirror) when you buy them at Musica. Just make sure the doors are all locked.

The last thing you want is to be frightened out of your wits when a friendly neighbour lets themselves in looking to borrow some brown sugar.

Speaking of sugar… be sure to treat yourself, and we know a new store that’ll do just the trick. Krispy Cremes. Yum! Nothing quite like a holey object to ward off spirits and ghosts. Especially one that tastes so good!

Still, while you might not be comfortable letting the kids out for Halloween, getting them some creepy costumes, like a vampire lord or a witch, may not be such a bad idea. You can definitely have something cute to upload onto your Facebook page if you do!

Another new store, Toy Kingdom, may offer children some opportunities for Halloween make-believe! Be sure to visit it with the kids in tow and see what there’s to see!

However you spend Halloween, don’t forget to get a good ol’ Jack ‘o Lantern and keep him either in the kitchen or outside the front door. That you’ll be able to pick up from Pick n Pay. Although you’ll have to carve him yourself.

But if you’re really scared of the night and what it might bring, perhaps visiting Pick n Pay Liquor is just the thing. You’ll be able to purchase a bravery-inducing bottle of warming brandy. Courage in a cup, we call it. Besides, they really are the best value for money when it comes to liquor.

And perhaps the best way to fight spirits is with spirits?

Be sure to visit Greenstone on the 27th October for our Tricks and Loads of Treats event

27 October | 10h00 – 16h00 | Halloween store (next to Miladys)

Navigate our Creepy Crawly Cave, and jump into our giant Candy Floss Pit, then try your hand at the Rock-Climbing Wall
For the ultimate sensory play, visit the Witch’s Spot….a collection of mysterious, weird and whacky substances…
Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Super Spooky Workshops, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Terms and Conditions apply

Super-Spooky Workshops
10:00 – 11:00 Monsters and zombies Dress-up Workshop
11:30 – 12:30 Laser cut Jack O’Lantern painting
13:00 – 14:00 Witch’s Brew Slime Workshop
14:30 – 16:00 Magnetic ‘build a monster’

Let’s Swing With the Spring Collection

SA Fashion Week: Let’s Swing With the Spring Collection.

For a taste of what’s to come for the rest of the season and what’s in store for summer, look no further than SA Fashion Week. It’s about to unfurl its catwalk in all its glitz and glamour at the Sandton Convention Centre – if you’re interested in going as a company, it’s a must.

SAFW is a business-to-business platform – and the only one of its kind on the continent. It’s for buyers, celebrities, and custom – oops we meant “bespoke” – design-interested clientele. If it has that hint of exclusivity, well, that just comes with the territory. Which is very territorial indeed. You don’t get more territorial than the fashion world.

On the other hand, if you’re a Greenstone regular, the advantages of Fashion Week is that some of these collections wind up in our own top-notch quality clothing department stores. Giving you something… how do they put it… ready to wear.

A bit of history: the South Africa Fashion week is now twenty-one years of age. Old enough to drink in many states in the US. But what it has been drinking for the past two and a teeny-weeny bit decades has been all our indigenous fashion design culture has. It has quenched its thirst for creativity from our own people and the unique heritage we offer.

And as we’ve evolved along the fashion landscape with our own unique South African look-and-feel, SAFW has reflected that and become an important benchmark for what we’re becoming, in an artistic-cultural sense.

A major influencer on the world stage. Or is that catwalk?

What to look out for?
Well, this season will feature 34 of our country’s best designers and 50 designer labels trading wholesale for interesting clothing brands at a SAFW Trade Show, which will be running alongside it.
If you are a clothing department store, you’ll definitely be interesting in the Trade Show.

For everybody else, it’s a taste, in a sense, of what’s to come for fashion in the next few months.

*The SA Fashion Week AW20 The Luxury Collections takes place between 23 and 26 October in the Protea Court Rooftop in Sandton City.

Quick tips for Black Friday shopping

Are you ready for big bargains, great deals and super savings?! We're all geared up for Black Friday with selected stores open from 12am on Friday 29 Nov! Here's some quick tips to maximize your Black Friday shopping:

  • Create a shopping list
  • Prioritise your must-have items
  • Set up a budget
  • Don’t shop on impulse – only buy what you can afford.
  • Shop with friends to find deals
  • More fun and easier to find better deals
  • Plan your shopping trip
  • Plan your shopping trip -  think traffic and parking.  In 2018 the most card swipes were between 4pm and 5pm (according to IOL)
  • Look out for pre-sales
  • Take note of trading hours – shops and malls
  • Know your prices and do price comparisons
  • Pay attention to the return policies of Black Friday Sales items

When money’s too tight to mention

Going through a pandemic, whilst trying to keep your life intact, is a huge challenge for most. But when financial worries are added to the mix, it becomes a whole different (snow) ball game. Even for those of us who are managing with less than we’re used to, but are still ok, the challenge of making ends meet can cause many sleepless nights.

Some people have not received salaries, or have received only a small portion of what they’re used to. Some business owners have had to start retrenching people and have closed their business. Some people were already struggling before all this began, and underlying anxiety about the future can make things seem much worse than they are when you don’t have any money in the bank.

A specific challenge during this time is that your income and expenses might differ vastly from before as your circumstances changed. Sticking to old habits might not be a good idea right now, and if you’re worried about money, a fresh look at your finances might help you to feel more in control.

We’ve compiled some useful information and tips that might help in finding a way through this financial maze.

Make sure you know where you stand, financially. You might want to bury your head in the sand, but knowledge is power and the sooner you face your finances head-on the better chance you have of turning things around.

Compile a list of expenses, ranked according to priority and be very honest with yourself about the difference between necessities and nice to haves.

Make use of any financial assistance that is available - some institutions are offering payment holidays, some landlords have lowered rental charges, government is offering no interest loans to qualifying companies etc.

Contact your creditors and find out if any offer financial assistance or special payment options. Keep notes of the verbal/telephonic arrangements you make as a reference for future queries.
Once you are back on your feet or receiving your full income again, make sure to settle any outstanding debts as soon as possible (including your credit cards).

Be careful of committing to big expenses like buying a house, car or a deposit on a family vacation or a trip overseas for 2021. If possible, hold off until you have a bit more certainty regarding your long term income.

If you can’t make sense of anything and you’re feeling hopeless, speak to a service consultant at your bank about debt counselling.

Our government has launched several initiatives to aid people during the Covid-19 pandemic, if you would like to see if you or your business qualify for financial aid, visit their website at: www.gov.za/Coronovirus

None of us have experienced something like this before. Don’t feel ashamed if your money matters are a mess - many people are facing severe financial difficulties. Taking charge of what’s in your control is your best option right now.

World Tourism Day!

World Tourism Day! Where we celebrate what it means being a tourist.

Today, the 27 September, marks World Tourism Day.

Ah! Tourism! We often think about it in terms of our own country. Getting tourists here to spend their much-needed moola. Our economy certainly could use it. We think of the tourists who go to our heritage sites, like the National Kruger Park or the Union Buildings or who go backpacking around our glorious wilderness.

But how often do we think about what it means to be a tourist? Not often, what with the economy being what it is. Yet, it’s still something worth saving up for. Because being a tourist means getting to step outside of your comfort zone into a world you’re not familiar with such as Times Square in New York City – which really is a city that never sleeps. Even at 3 o clock in the morning, if you’re in the vicinity, you’ll notice how brightly lit it still is, with people rushing to and fro off to where, who knows? Maybe work, in the wee hours, to power the world’s largest economy, with China the only one close enough to be considered a contender.

Or what about ditching Parys, and going to the city that inspired its name, Paris – the city of lights. A beautiful, romantic city that has glorious French nuance and culture. Can you consider yourself to have ever really lived if you haven’t viewed the Parisian skyline from atop the Eiffel Tower? Or experienced a true French croissant in their little cafes where you’ll be enjoying the finest French wine? No. No, you can’t. The Louvre – where some of the greatest masterpieces ever painted are housed – is just beckoning to be explored. You have to see the famous Mona Lisa smile at least once.

Venice. A city where a good portion of its “roads” requires a boat to cross – but that’s okay. You can take a romantic boat ride with your significant other up the canal as an oarsman sings delicate Italian music.

What about the sights of old German castles? Exploring them and so exploring the history of the medieval era, going back in time and space?

You may go even further East. Such as in springtime to the islands of Japan – that’s when the pink cherry blossoms of the sakura tree are floating through the air, leaving a colourful spectacle for tourists travelling those parts. And of course, Japan is an almost mythical country – with its unique history, separated from the rest of the world as it was for so many centuries. It has castles of its own to visit. Well, one in particular: Himeji Castle, a castle dating back to the 13th Century, though it had been remodelled several times in the subsequent centuries.

It is a prime example of superior Japanese feudal architecture, with such cleverly designed defences, including its most complex: several paths from the outer walls supposed leading to the inner castle were designed to be confusing for enemy armies, so as to cause their approach to be heavily delayed – all the while the castle’s defenders could pummel them with rains of arrows from the higher vantage point of the inner castle.

It is so well designed, that even with signs giving clear directions for tourists, like you yourself maybe, they still get confused and end up going in circles or the wrong way.

Perhaps more of a cruise is something you wish to do, like on a luxury ship through the Caribbean. Drinking rum and coke as a sundowner during a glorious sunset between the many islands that litter the Spanish Main. Following, in a sense, the footsteps of the pirates from the Golden Age of Piracy (such as Capt. Jack Sparrow was modelled on).

Well, wherever you decide to go, you’ll be pleased to know you can book your next flight through Flight Centre or your next cruise at Cruiseabout. Both at our shopping centre!

You can buy your cake and eat it

You can buy your cake and eat it

You can buy your cake and eat it

I’m all for a cosy day at home where everyone stays in their pyjamas and breakfast cereal becomes lunch cereal. Lazy days at home when the wifi works and there’s something new on Netflix you actually want to see.

But on some days you feel like having me-time, just not at home (because...cabin-fever). You need to spoil yourself a little, but you also need to buy basics for the house (wine) and supplement your kids’ stationery for the seventh time this year (by the way, who are the mysterious benefactors of all the lost stationery… do they also wear our lost, mismatching socks and play frisbee with our missing tupperware lids?).

But back to me-time… on this day when you don’t feel like hibernating, you unfortunately still need to feed your offspring and even if you yourself are craving something heavy in carbs, you just really don’t feel like cooking and cleaning. And you also have kids. It’s a conundrum, I tell you.

If Greenstone Shopping Centre is in your vicinity, you’re lucky - they recently upgraded their food court and you can eat, shop and entertain your offspring all in one go! And if you have the day to yourself, you can take your time and use one of the many restaurants as a pit-stop during your retail therapy.

On top of the new food court, Greenstone has more than 150 stores, many casual dining outlets, a bowling alley, a cinema and also a Rush (trampoline park).

Greenstone Shopping Centre recently extended their business hours, and they host a fantastic outdoor craft and food market once a month.

Early bird catches the worm. And the cake.

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