Let’s Swing With the Spring Collection

Let’s Swing With the Spring Collection

SA Fashion Week: Let’s Swing With the Spring Collection.

For a taste of what’s to come for the rest of the season and what’s in store for summer, look no further than SA Fashion Week. It’s about to unfurl its catwalk in all its glitz and glamour at the Sandton Convention Centre – if you’re interested in going as a company, it’s a must.

SAFW is a business-to-business platform – and the only one of its kind on the continent. It’s for buyers, celebrities, and custom – oops we meant “bespoke” – design-interested clientele. If it has that hint of exclusivity, well, that just comes with the territory. Which is very territorial indeed. You don’t get more territorial than the fashion world.

On the other hand, if you’re a Greenstone regular, the advantages of Fashion Week is that some of these collections wind up in our own top-notch quality clothing department stores. Giving you something… how do they put it… ready to wear.

A bit of history: the South Africa Fashion week is now twenty-one years of age. Old enough to drink in many states in the US. But what it has been drinking for the past two and a teeny-weeny bit decades has been all our indigenous fashion design culture has. It has quenched its thirst for creativity from our own people and the unique heritage we offer.

And as we’ve evolved along the fashion landscape with our own unique South African look-and-feel, SAFW has reflected that and become an important benchmark for what we’re becoming, in an artistic-cultural sense.

A major influencer on the world stage. Or is that catwalk?

What to look out for?
Well, this season will feature 34 of our country’s best designers and 50 designer labels trading wholesale for interesting clothing brands at a SAFW Trade Show, which will be running alongside it.
If you are a clothing department store, you’ll definitely be interesting in the Trade Show.

For everybody else, it’s a taste, in a sense, of what’s to come for fashion in the next few months.

*The SA Fashion Week AW20 The Luxury Collections takes place between 23 and 26 October in the Protea Court Rooftop in Sandton City.

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