Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink power: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may be wondering… what does wearing a pink ribbon really mean? How will it actually help anyone with breast cancer? What good does it do against this disease which strikes an average of one in 26 South African women in their lifetimes?

A lot more than you may think.

That pink ribbon isn’t just a symbol. It’s a reminder. Because of how chaotic our lives can be, it is easy to forget to do the simple checks every woman should be doing on a regular basis. And it is just as easy to ignore early warning signs.

By wearing the pink, you’re sending out a message to a woman who may have developed an odd symptom with her breasts, such as a strange discharge from her nipples. Something she tries to put out of mind and not think about – because maybe she’s “too busy” being the perfect mother, businesswoman, and/or wife.

She could see that pink ribbon and realise the stakes may be higher than she wants to acknowledge. And that it’s time to find time to do something about it. Even if that’s just for reassurance in the comfort nothing is amiss.

So, you’ve already made a difference to one life. Maybe ten. Maybe more.

The pink ribbon is more than a symbol, it is a powerful message. Of hope. That breast cancer is both preventable and treatable – especially if detected early on. A strange lump? It needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

Fortunately, our Dis-Chem in the centre is one of the 151 Dis-Chems in the country that have a wellness clinic, so a nurse should be able to assist you if you want to be checked for any lumps or other signs for concern. If there are any, she’ll recommend you speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

But prevention is just as important. In all three of our pharmacies are health products and food supplements which can help the body retain the balance it needs to lower the risk of developing this disease.

Further, we advise taking up a contract with myGym, our in-house gym (kind of obvious from the name, we guess), for physical and mental fitness – they hold a variety of courses, designed to give you the end-result you’re most interested in. Moreover, they’re about being fit… and a healthy body vastly reduces your risks.

You should also look at your diet. Fresh produce from Pick n Pay will go a long way to helping your body put up its best defences against aberrations.

A pink ribbon can help remind women to do these things. That’s the point.

It is the embodiment of the fight against breast cancer. By wearing it, you’ve shown your part of the fight.

And that is enough to make a difference to at least one other person’s life.

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