You can buy your cake and eat it

You can buy your cake and eat it

You can buy your cake and eat it

I’m all for a cosy day at home where everyone stays in their pyjamas and breakfast cereal becomes lunch cereal. Lazy days at home when the wifi works and there’s something new on Netflix you actually want to see.

But on some days you feel like having me-time, just not at home (because...cabin-fever). You need to spoil yourself a little, but you also need to buy basics for the house (wine) and supplement your kids’ stationery for the seventh time this year (by the way, who are the mysterious benefactors of all the lost stationery… do they also wear our lost, mismatching socks and play frisbee with our missing tupperware lids?).

But back to me-time… on this day when you don’t feel like hibernating, you unfortunately still need to feed your offspring and even if you yourself are craving something heavy in carbs, you just really don’t feel like cooking and cleaning. And you also have kids. It’s a conundrum, I tell you.

If Greenstone Shopping Centre is in your vicinity, you’re lucky - they recently upgraded their food court and you can eat, shop and entertain your offspring all in one go! And if you have the day to yourself, you can take your time and use one of the many restaurants as a pit-stop during your retail therapy.

On top of the new food court, Greenstone has more than 150 stores, many casual dining outlets, a bowling alley, a cinema and also a Rush (trampoline park).

Greenstone Shopping Centre recently extended their business hours, and they host a fantastic outdoor craft and food market once a month.

Early bird catches the worm. And the cake.

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