Are you exercising longer than you should?


The holidays are upon us and we look forward to strutting our summer bodies by the beach! But before you go and break a sweat, did you know it is possible to gym hard and still not see any results.

So exactly, how much time spent burning calories at the gym is enough?

Working out at the gym, with all your might in the hopes to drop body fat levels might sound sensible but, experts say it could all be fruitless.

Don’t be fooled into thinking shifting from machine to machine without a practical plan will get you results quicker. Fitness gurus note that 80% of your weightloss results come from your nutrition and diet while the other 20% from the gym, so you would want to use time spent there accordingly.

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To avoid exercising too long, make sure you have a different routine each day, at times, opt to increase the difficulty of the exercise or alter the type of exercise you do, which can help keep you interested and motivated.

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Mix-and-match your gym routine is necessary because the body adjusts very quickly, so by carrying out the same exercises each day will over-all not help you.

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Remember that our bodies are different. So, take note that a healthy body fat percentage for a woman is generally higher than men. Quick fact: The absolute perfect body fat percentage doesn’t exist either, so the pressure to achieve this can now be tossed out of the window!

Keep in mind that too much of something isn’t always good, even exercise. Recent studies have even indicated that overdosing on exercise can have harmful effects on your health! Who would have thought!

For example, long sessions of cardio such as marathon and triathlon training, can do more injury than good, especially to your heart.

Also, exercising for too long can lead to a development of microscopic tears in your muscle fibres and increase the risk for injuries! This is all does not sound too pleasant, especially with that summer body in mind.

So, to keep a balanced and worthwhile training pattern, take at least one day off after two consecutive days of strength training. While 60-90 minutes of exercise per day would work ideal for weight loss.


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