August Holidays


So, there’s a long weekend coming up in August. In your youth, the weekend was reserved for a certain music festival. You thought maybe it’s time to revisit those days and embrace the dust one more time, just for old time’s sake.

Your leave has been approved and you were all set. But, said festival has been cancelled and now you’re left high and dry with nowhere to go.

But it’s not all doom and gloom with Greenstone around. We’ll always look out for you where we can. And once again we have you covered. There’s nothing sadder than having to cancel leave that has already been approved. Fact. Question is just, how will you spend it?

You were going to do it regardless, so why not go somewhere that your Instagram would approve of? Say, for instance, a short trip to Durban or Cape Town? Flight Centre will make sure you’ll get the best flights for wherever you decide to go. So pop in ASAP and get your flights booked! They’ve got packages available that include flights, accommodation and entertainment. Trust us, they’ve got you sorted. We know what you’re thinking, you could just do that once you close this blog and get online. But will you be able to get a new suitcase for the occasion from The Matador Luggage in your email inbox as well? No, no you wouldn’t.

If you were really, really, really looking forward to the camping part of the trip that is not to be anymore, well we don’t want to take that away from you. Between Dixon Adventure Centre and Cape Union Mart, you’ll find anything and everything you might need for an outdoors trip, whether you’re a seasoned camper or an only-do-it-once-every-August kind of person.

Take it from us: when you drive to wherever you decide to set up camp for the weekend, you’re going to get hungry. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure and what not. So, before you head on out, we’d highly suggest that you visit our newly opened Checkers to stock up on drinks and snacks for the road. With the upmarket look and feel and the same value you’ve come to known, it’s a must-visit, whether you’re travelling or not.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to use the weekend to take a breather. It’s that time of year where the fatigue ever so slightly starts to set in. If you find yourself a little worse for wear, take the weekend for yourself and recoup. Some relaxation is exactly what you need.

Bring the kids to Rush, you know, that trampoline park we’ve got in the heart of our centre, where they can spend the day under supervision while you grab something to read from Bargain Books. Few things are as good for the soul as getting lost in a good book in your reading nook.

When you’re all rested out, take a day to go green – it’s what we do best here at Greenstone. We’re still, and will for a while, take plastic bags for our Eco-bricks project. Bring your plastic bags to donate while you top up on our reusable shopping bags. Better yet, make your own bricks! Take an afternoon with the kids and head to your nearest (polluted) park. Pick up all the trash you are able to see or carry. Separate all the plastics and make your own bricks by following the simple instructions in this video. You can bring whatever you have left or can’t use to our recycling station that is situated just behind Game.

August Holidays

Whether you’re partying it up, chilling, travelling or recycling, you’ll find whatever you need at Greenstone Shopping Centre’s 150+ stores, but more importantly, each one of them will always welcome you with open arms, and even better, they’ll never cancel on you.


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