Blanket Books for Winter


Blanket Books for Winter.

Brrrrr. It’s been an especially cold winter in Jozi this year. And this month, in particular, is cold enough to turn you into a popsicle. Rather than become ice cream, we’d prefer to hibernate under the duvet covers.

What’s a better companion than a good book when you’re wrapped tighter than a shawarma? We don’t think there is, so here’s a list of books you may have missed recently to definitely add to your reading list.

Cold comfort

Mandy Wiener is a renowned journalist whose reputation is built on solid research. Her latest book, Ministry of Crime, which has critics raving, exposes the extent of crime’s cruel clutches have on South African law enforcement. It examines the way crime lords have had their minions infiltrate and corrupt justice institutions. So as to build intricate criminal networks that entwine South Africa in a silky spider’s web of corruption. And how even high-level politicians have become compromised. It may seem like fairly heavy reading – but knowledge is power.

As citizens of the country, she espouses, our knowledge of the truth may lead to a fight back. To positive change. At the very least, it makes for utterly gripping reading.

Blanket Books for Winter

Cool statesman

Despite (or because of?) his shenanigans, ex-US President Bill Clinton is remembered fondly across the world. This may, in part, because of his more benign foreign policies* and, of course, his special friendship with our own esteemed president, Madiba. In The President is Missing, he teams up with page-turning author James Patterson to bring us a finely-tuned political crime thriller. Well, almost. It’s a bizarre book where the President is not really “Missing” as much as going after the bad guys himself. A cyber criminal wants to reset the clock using a doomsday virus – a computer one of course – and only the president can stop him. The president, and staffers, and international hackers, and so on. If you like absurd movie plots, then this provides pure escapist fiction to delve into. It doesn’t exactly have many twists, but it does make up for it with explosive action.

It’s extra “cool” that it was co-written by a man who slept in the Lincoln Bedroom for eight years.

*Compared to a certain former Reality TV star’s.

Blanket Books for Winter

Frozen in time

A surprise bestseller, the non-fiction book Sapiens reveals an amazing aspect of the human condition. Written by Professor Yoval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University in Israel, it details how we humans reached this current point in history. The most fascinating aspect? How 70 000 years ago, we developed the ability to create stories. It set us apart from all other human species’, and leap-frogged us ahead of all of them. Today, the world we live in, is so well-explained that the book will alter your view of our reality forever. It essentially asks, and answers, what makes us human. And uniquely human of all the different humans that ever existed. Filled with fascinating anecdotes of life over the many preceding thousands of years, it will grip you as you devour each and every page.

This is scientific writing at its best: simple to digest, and clear explanations of ideas that seem complex, but are so distilled as to make perfect sense.

Blanket Books for Winter

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