Book Club – Great Holiday Reads


If you are a homebody and prefer a relaxed sit-in these holidays, then we have the perfect books to keep you company. Visit Greenstone Shopping Centre to find the latest book releases from our various book stores.

The first book on our list is titled What Remains True by Janis Thomas. This enthralling drama is based around a life-altering event which throws a family into turmoil. Secrets are revealed which all threaten to break the family up… or perhaps strengthen it.

Book Club - Great Holiday Reads

Another release on our list is titled Foolish Hearts written by Emma Mills. It is a contemporary novel about a girl whose high school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream leads her to new friends—and maybe even new love.

Book Club - Great Holiday Reads

The latest release in the bookstore is The Man in the Black Suit written by Sylvain Reynard. It is an enticing read which will excite your holiday! The storyline is on Acacia Santos, who excels at her job as a caretaker at a prestigious hotel in Paris. When her superior, Marcel, is attacked in a supposed random mugging, she is tasked with serving one of the hotel’s most mysterious and attractive guests. They mystery is alluring and a sure pleasant read!

Book Club - Great Holiday Reads

The Only Girl in the World written by Maude Julien an Adriana Hunter. This memoir is based on Maude Julien’s childhood which was defined by strict father, who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds. Get your hands on this copy to read this amazing story.

Book Club - Great Holiday Reads

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