Christmas Traditions: a traditional sunny Xmas


Christmas Traditions: a traditional sunny Xmas.

Christmas is almost here! For many of our Christian customers, it is a very special holiday where they celebrate the birth of Jesus. Every year, thousands of Christmas babies are born on this day, an extra special gift to expectant parents. No, they’re not born in a barn, but one day they’ll grow to appreciate the Nativity Play… relating the story of Baby Jesus, as his mother Mary, and Joseph, stand beside the Three Wise Men. Witnesses to one of the Christian religions most significant moments. Perhaps they’ll have received gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh too, just as Baby Jesus did.

It’s a holiday that has many different traditions around the world, though there’s many we share too. There’s the classic one of gift giving – and as far as little children are concerned, it is Santa Claus who delivers these gifts late at night. In fact, there’s even a glass of milk and a sandwich often left out for him.

In many countries, the arrival of Christmas season is heralded by Santa Claus parades. These are full-scale pageants with a marching band, floats, Santa waving to the crowd astride his sleigh sometimes accompanied by the Missus, the reindeer, and his elves.

You know when it’s that time of year, when you hear singing outside your door, and it is Christmas carolers. “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright…” they sing by candle light.
And, of course, house doors all throughout the neighbourhood are adorned with wreaths, and the Christmas lights shine bright on the streets. The nights take on a magical glow…
Shopping centres, like ours, also turn on the lights, warmly welcoming the season with a Santa setup for photos the kids. Those on Santa’s naughty list don’t get quality time with the jolly gent not to mention missing out on a gift!

We also have some of our own unique traditions not found around the world. For instance, the Malva Pudding isn’t well-known overseas. It’s as South African as melktert. The Malva Pudding follows the more traditional meal of either turkey, duck, roast beef, mince pies, or gammon with yellow rice and raisins and veggies. It’s called ‘The Lekker Pudding’ because… well, it’s very lekker indeed, especially when paired with custard! Sure, we all indulge in Christmas meals, including the very special Christmas lunch, following the services at church. And we even have turducken. Chicken in a duck in a turkey! It’s amazing!

It makes a difference that we’re in the Southern Hemisphere. We tend to enjoy Christmas around the swimming pool or braais. Overseas, in the Northern Hemisphere, where its winter, people stay indoors close to hearth and home. Fireplace gatherings are very popular. In places like the UK and America, they often have a White Christmas – which is to say, snow falls around that time of year.
Many South Africans inland head down to the coast to stay in holiday homes or with relatives living there. Overseas, they play in the snow, having snowball fights, and build snowmen with Christmas hats. Over here, we’re content to construct sand castles that could fend off the most ferocious army of medieval mites.

If you’re looking to head to the coast or anywhere in the world, be sure to book through our tenant Flight Centre. They’ll be able to plan out your trip for you meticulously, so you have the Christmas of your life.

Whether you stay, or you go, please enjoy your office Christmas party / end-of-year function. Just go easy on the beverages…

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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