Easter is upon us


Easter is finally upon us. We say finally because for many of us it’s the first time in the year where we can put our feet up for a bit. A mini-December of sorts. It means time with the family, Easter egg hunting and stuffing faces with too much food.

For Christians however, it is the most significant and sacred weekend of the year. It signifies Jesus’ Crucifying and resurrection. It’s the perfect time for those of Christian beliefs to re-establish their values and faith in their Creator. While we would like to help as much as we can, we know the friendly people at CUM Books can get you on track if that is something you’re striving towards.


While Easter calls for earnest reflection among Christians, it doesn’t mean fun should be halted in any way – it’s a long weekend after all. As eggs symbolise rebirth and new life in many cultures around the world, perhaps it’s the perfect time to give your creative side new life of its own. A simple, yet fitting, way of doing so is to decorate eggs. The infamous Beacon Hollowed white eggs, found at either Pick n Pay or Woolworths, as well as hard boiled eggs make canvasses for the tradition that dates back to the 13th century. For all the supplies you’ll need in order to do this, you only need to make one stop at PNA. With all the supplies and they have in their arts and crafts section, the only thing that will limit your egg decoration is your imagination. Just make sure that the products are safe to consume if you intend on doing so. If you need inspiration, have a look at the amazingly unique ideas that Country Living has over HERE.

Easter is upon us


One thing that goes hand-in-hand with Easter Weekend is great food. Hot Cross Buns have long been associated with and Easter and for good reason – they are amazing. Why not try your hand at making your own over the weekend? We know what you’re thinking, why would you want to do that when you can just buy them? Well, that’s because chai tea, low carb, or gluten-free Hot Cross Buns are not as easily to come by. Yes, with dietary needs ever-expanding, foodies are even on top of making Hot Cross Buns healthy as well. For these versions and some others, visit https://bit.ly/2YlUlaN, but just remember to stop at Pick n Pay to get all the ingredients you need for them.

If baking isn’t your thing and seeing that it’s a long weekend, there is more than enough reason, and time, to make a roast lamb. Visit our Woolworths, you’ll be able to get everything you need for this delicious roast lamb that will be sure to be a hit with the family again and again https://bit.ly/2JzvrkK.

Easter is upon us


The longer Easter weekend provides a unique opportunity for a breakaway that normal weekends don’t. The extra two days allows for a decent amount of extra travel time. Many take the opportunity to visit the coast, and Durban has been a popular Easter destination since the first people decided to call Joburg home. While Durban makes for a fun journey, it’ll be worthwhile to consider some of the other beautiful parts that South Africa has to offer. Place like Clarens, Dullstroom and Parys are just some of the countless beautiful, bohemian towns that make for a perfect weekend getaway. If camping is more your thing, we’ll recommend these 10 spots to go and pitch your tent under 3.5 hour’s drive from Joburg. In either case, it would be best to pop in at Cape Union Mart or Due South to make sure you’ve got all your traveling, camping, and hiking gear.

It doesn’t matter how or where you choose to spend your Easter weekend, as long as you’re doing something that makes you happy and spend it amongst the ones you love. From, Greenstone Shopping Centre we would like to wish you all a very blessed and peaceful Easter.


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