Eating out guide at Greenstone Shopping Centre


Eating out guide at Greenstone Shopping Centre

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that does not mean the romance has to stop. Visit Greenstone Shopping Centre and treat that special someone to a romantic meal. Who’s going to cook? You could get food supplies at Pick ‘n Pay and actually do something extra romantic. And that’s bonding over cooking together.

But if you’d rather not – and now that the tightness of budget isn’t the same concern as it was in January – you have some options at Greenstone.

Eating out at Greenstone Shopping Centre

The Sea Life.
We might be fairly far from the wharfs of South Africa, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on good old-fashioned seafood.

Which you’ll find at our tenant, John Dory’s

From delicious hake, kingklip, salmon, and line-fish of the day, to taste-pulsating prawns, crispy calamari, and succulent squid heads, they have the ocean’s best bounty.

Then there’s their famous sushi, so if you enjoy tempera prawns or California rolls with a smear of wasabi, you’ll love your time together at the fish restaurant.

Eating out at Greenstone Shopping Centre

The Italian connection.
There’s our favourite song from Frank Sinatra, which goes along like this: “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”

Amore, of course, is the Italian word for love. And there is something special about eating at an Italian restaurant when you’re on a romantic outing with your partner.

Go on, enjoy the ambiance, and the pastas or pizzas.

There’s a particular meal you can try for that extra romantic feel. The spaghetti and meatballs… we’re of course referring to that scene from Lady and the Tramp, the one where they eat the same piece of spaghetti and they end up bumping their lips together. Very sweet and romantic, even though they’re canines. But it’s a Disney movie, so the canines are kind of human anyway.

The music will set the right mood, even if there’s no man playing the accordion by your table side.

Eating out at Greenstone Shopping Centre

The Steak House.
Another great option is a South African classic: Steers. It’s a steak house that’s been part of the South African heritage for over 40 years.

It offers great value for money, demure lighting, comfortable booths to get cosy in, and amazing food.

The portions are always good, because the food is big – just like the brand’s heart. Nominally a family restaurant, expect it to mainly be fill of other couples on the day.

And whether your preference is fillet, t-bone, or rump, you can be sure it will be grilled to perfection. Finally, when your meal is complete, you simply must indulge on their famous waffles with whipped cream or ice cream atop.

Wherever you go, we hope you enjoy the hospitality of our restaurants and enjoy a special day with your partner.


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