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Give your pet that ultimate experience

Let’s be honest, people can be difficult to deal with. Drama, issues, opinions and arguments are part and parcel of living with free thinking, sentient beings. We’ve learned to live with it, but it can be difficult sometimes. Thankfully, there are no downsides to spending time with your furry counterparts other than the pang of leaving for work without them by your side.

When you think about it, pets are as much part of the family as anyone else- sometimes more so. So why should they be exempt from the pampering, love and spoils we normally shower on those closest to us? That’s right- they shouldn’t. We don’t doubt you love your furry little monster and you probably dote on them every single day. But, sometimes, a little extra something is in order. So here are some amazing ways to spoil your best friend.

Give your pet that ultimate experience

Get some fresh air: for you, the outside world is much the same. For an animal, however, the world is full of new possibilities, unchartered lands and endless opportunity. We dare you to find a dog who isn’t excited by the great outdoors. Try exploring new routes because you’re sure to enjoy the experience just as much. Keep things fresh and you’re both guaranteed to feel revitalised while enjoying some much-needed bonding time. No time? Try a drive instead- that head out the window thing is as fun for a fully-grown dog as it was for five-year-old us.

Give your pet that ultimate experience

Try a cat hotel: Fun fact: people love cats; and they love spoiling them. As such, Cat Hotels are a very real thing. From pampering, cleaning, feeding and just overall TLC, there are people who would cherish the opportunity to treat your little one like royalty. And it makes going on holiday that much easier. Not that you won’t miss them, but at least you’ll know they’re looked after.

Treat them well: Every pet loves a special treat. Encourage good behaviour with a tasty reward. You can find a variety of toys, snacks and treats at the Greenstone Absolute Pets Store. While you’re there you can also pick up an awesome bed because there’s no time like nap time, especially after a hard day playing.

Give your pet that ultimate experience

I now pronounce you man and groom: Nothing smells as bad as wet dog, but nothing smells as good as freshly cleaned fur on a shiny pooch either. Give those pets some grooming or, if you don’t have time, get the professionals to do it- it’s as relaxing for them as it is soothing for you. More importantly, however, is dental health. Trust us, dog breath is a real thing. One of the greatest gifts you can give your prized animal is good dental hygiene. Studies show that healthy teeth and gums can even lengthen their lives by three to five years. They’re probably going to dislike it, but they’ll thank you in the long term. Well they probably won’t, but you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to smell their mouths.

Love and affection. Animals are sensitive, sometimes more so than your little sister when your parents are listening. What they really, really want more than anything is the gift of your undivided attention.

Life gets busy, we know this, but every second with your prized pet is a memory you’ll come to cherish in later life. They will, we promise, love you back in return- but more importantly, it’s proven to reduce stress. Is there anything they can’t help with?

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