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We are in the last month of the first quarter of the year. I wonder how those New Year’s resolutions are going… or should I dare?

Family, Health Tips

Finding the time to care for one’s health in today’s manic and strenuous life is each mans battle, no matter how genuine the intention. And if, like majority of the population, your family is not a #FitFam, here are some helpful hacks to integrate healthcare into your life making it a priority with ease.

• Sound the alarm

Start with reminders. Healthy living is a habit and habits are formed through routine.

– Set an alarm to remind yourself to drink water. The recommended water consumption per hour is between 600 and 1,000ml (depending on body size and health conditions). The body and its organs, which are made up of 60% water, cannot function optimally if it does not receive the source which fuels this function.

–  Set an alarm to remind you to move. The human body was designed to move but in today’s world, the average office worker spends 10 hours a day sitting. Research suggests that we should sit for no longer than 40 minutes.

Family, Health Tips

• Preparation

Planning ahead weakens the plethora of excuses which we, as humans, constantly have armed and ready to use.

Prepare your smoothies, snacks and meals in advance as well as your gym bag the night before. The convenience of this will counter any sneaky excuses which creep up in the moment of truth.

Family, Health Tips

• Lifestyle

Find ways of working fitness and health into daily mundane activities. Take the stairs. Stretch while you are waiting for the microwave or kettle to stop boiling stretch. Wear wrist/ankle weights when blow drying hair or hang up washing and play upbeat music whenever you can, those funky tunes will surely lead to a little dancing.

Family, Health Tips

• Motivation

Find what motivates you and then find the time to let it motivate you. Whether this is a TV series which centres around footballers or athletes lives or a fitness page on Instagram or Pinterest.

Look at and know what you want, this will drive you to act.

Remember, you cannot enjoy the finer things in life, like shopping at your favourite shopping centre, Greenstone Shopping Centre, if your body is not fully functioning.

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