Fashion Trends to look out for


Fashion Trends to look out for this year.

As we move into the year there are a number of great fashion trends to look out for. We’ve listed some of our favourite women’s trends and styles to keep you looking tip top this year.

Bold earrings

Bold earrings that make a statement are on the rise and it’s time to get creative with your accessories. Its not some much that they bigger they are the better, but more that people are donning interesting and artistic earing designs that pop.

Fashion Trends to look out for

100% Cotton Denim

Stretch denim is being replaced by timeless jeans and denim made of 100% cotton. The quality of the material is superior, it can last forever if treated with love and looks amazing!

Fashion Trends to look out for

Wide leg pants

Wide leg pants don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, the different styles and designs have kept this pant beating the test of time and innovating while it does. They’re comfortable and look great!

Fashion Trends to look out for

This classic French head accessory can be classy and casual and the perfect item to pull and outfit together. They were all over cat walks in 2017 and that because they’re light weight, easy to wear and make takes any outfit from bland to bold!

Fashion Trends to look out for

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2018 is the year for bold, unapologetic fashion, and that’s exactly what we would love to see!

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