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As we start unpacking our Spring wardrobes we start to realise that we might have enjoyed the comfort of winter food binging a little too much. It’s never too late to start doing damage control and the best place to begin is at Greenstone Shopping Centre. Shed a few kilos before the first pool-party invite arrives and get moving! We count down our top fitness essentials you need to get fit in a flash and slim down in style!

1. Cape union mart | Fitness watches
If you struggle staying motivated when exercising, consider investing in a fitness watch. The Fitbit Alta HR not only monitors your heartrate, it also calculates your steps and notifies you when you’ve reach your daily goal. Move to the beat with this slim heart rate wristband that tracks activity, sleep and exercise, displays notifications and sends you reminders to move.

Watch features:
• Cardio Fitness Level
• Battery up to 7 days
• Auto Sleep Tracking and Sleep Stages
• PurePulse Heart Rate
• Call, Text and Calendar Alerts
• Reminders to move
• Calculates steps, calaories and distance
• SmartTrack (Auto Exercise Recognition)
• Clock
• Interchangeable bands

Find your perfect fit, brand and style by visiting Cape Union Mart instore or online for more fitness watches:

Fitness Essentials

2. Totalsports | Training clothes
Dress the part when you shop for the perfect colour, style and cut at Totalsports. From full-length baggy pants to tight shorts, or fitted crop tops to flowy t’s, they have everything to make sure you have the total package.

Stay sporty from head to toe in the Nike Chrome Blush Collection ( Don’t miss the chance to own the range, contact Totalsports at Greenstone Shopping Centre:

Fitness Essentials
3. Decathlon | Shoes
How do you know if you’re picking the right shoe for you? We suggest this EVA foam sole shoe from Decathlon – ideal for a 30-min run.

Pointers for choosing the shoe to fit your exercise needs:

Weight lifting: firm, flat grip sole
The flat sole ensures proper form and the flat grip helps the shoe not to slip out of position as you lift the heavy weights

Gym classes: cushioned, supportive sole
Because of all the movement, jumping around and bouncing off the spinning machines, you need a shoe that offers optimal movement, cushioning, grip and support. This means that you need to look for a pair with arch and ankle support while still providing a wide toe box for optimal movement.

Running: supportive sole
If you love putting the time in on the treadmill, invest in a pair of running shoes. You can also look at getting a shoe that supports the way you run; overpronators, for example, need shoes that keep their feet from rolling inward while they run.

Pop in for more styles or call ahead to reserve your pair of kicks by phoning us on (010) 592 1066. Click here for more details:

Fitness Essentials

4. Mr price sport | Accessories
Don’t take the gym accessories for granted! We just love this handy absorbent exercise towel, plastic water bottle and backpack from Mr Price Sport. If you’re looking for an intense workout right off the back, don’t forget to pack your headphones, exercise ball and support straps. View more gym accessories, click here:

Fitness Essentials Fitness Essentials










5. MyGym | Membership
Last but certainly not least, the gym membership! It all starts here: the sound of the machines clanking, the constant patter of shoes as it hits the treadmill mats and the electric vibe of the gym! Introducing myGym at Greenstone Shopping Centre. myGym is the home of an affordable healthy lifestyle – dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals at a low-cost that fits your pocket.

What you need to know! MyGym offers its members fitness facilities at affordable prices. Have a look at the signup packages here:

OFF-PEAK (No Contract) *Access restrictions apply
Joining Fee: R350
Monthly Fee: R199

STUDENT/PENSIONERS (No Contract) *Must be younger than 21 or older than 65
Joining Fee: R350
Monthly Fee: R249

MONTH-TO-MONTH (No Contract)
Joining Fee: R350
Monthly Fee: R299

Cash Up-Front: R2000
Automatically cancelled at the end of commitment period

12 MONTH CONTRACT (3 Month Early Cancellation Fee)
Joining Fee: R350
Monthly Fee: R275

24 MONTH CONTRACT (3 Month Early Cancellation Fee)
Joining Fee: R350
Monthly Fee: R249

For more info regarding our MyGym, click here: or contact us on (010) 060 0760 / 082 905 3838 to find out more.

So, get fit, stay active and reap the health benefits only at Greenstone Shopping Centre.


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