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No matter your taste in gaming, September is a welcome month for all types of gamers. Whether you’re an FPS (first-person shooter) fan or a sports fanatic, there is definitely something for everyone.

Biomutant, The Surge 2, a reboot of Grid and Gears 5 (Xbox only) are just some of the major releases to look forward to next month. Our picks though? Find out below…

Borderlands 3
Shooter-looter games are all the rage right now. Whether you’re a gamer or even just a parent, there’s a 10/10 chance that you’re familiar with the likes of Fortnite, The Division and Destiny. But before all of them took their respective reigns, the prequel, Borderlands 2, is viewed by many as the first one through the door to (not) get shot. The game was met with critical acclaim all around the world, with over 20 million copies sold as well as walking away with X-Play’s game of the year award.

And even though it was said that there won’t be another version of the game, news broke in March of 2019 that a third installment is to be released on September 13 on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

Borderlands 3 shares the same core loop with previous games around taking on missions, defeating enemies, and obtaining loot from fallen foes or special chests, most often in the form of procedurally generated weapons to vary in damage, range, ammo capacity, and other special perks, giving the game “over one billion guns”.

According to IGN’s Chris Reed, the new installment doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and feels just like previous Borderlands games, but “more polished”. And that suits him, and us, just fine.

Gamers paradiseFIFA 20
For the sports, and more specifically football, fans FIFA 20 is also releasing their annual installment of their legendary game. And although FIFA games have always done spectacularly well in sales and critics’ reception, some have said that the game is a yearly repeat of itself, with nothing new to offer every year.

The upcoming FIFA 20 is about to change that quite indiscreetly. New free-kick and penalty mechanics and updates to the ball physics has been included to encourage more “1-on-1s” and space creation. But the biggest addition, and a very welcomed variance, is the new feature called Volta Football – a nostalgic throwback to the legendary FIFA Street games, but better.

Volta aims to bring back the flair and trickery that have gone a begging with the last couple of releases of FIFAs while accommodating for fun gameplay, customisation and authentic gear to ensure a most realistic experience. For the complete lowdown on what the game has to offer, visit the EA website HERE

Gamers paradise

We can trust that the campaign will not disappoint in their traditional offering, but we feel that this feature of the game will be worth the expense on its own. And therefore we’ll find ourselves queuing in front of BT Games on release day, the 27th of September – where you’ll be able to get all the other video games mentioned in this article as well.


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