Games to look forward to in 2019


3 Games to look forward to in 2019.

Your eyes harden as the distant shouts and screams carried on the wind reach your ears. The gusts try to fling your straw, conical hat from you, but it is strapped to your chin. You move down the path as the night’s sky is flared with fire from burning buildings.

The war cries of the barbarian invaders as you thumb your katana’s hand guard, loosening it from the scabbard as it raises by half an inch.

Suddenly, armoured Mongolian soldiers are running towards you with their sabres raised. As one swings in fury as furious as the fires nearby, your katana blade is out, and you masterfully deflect his blow.

He loses his footing for a moment – but a moment is all you need as you repeatedly slash your sword with the speed of a striking serpent. The grass at your feet is now splattered in crimson, and he falls, never to stand again.

But the battle is not over yet

His two brothers-in-arms now look at you warily as they approach you cautiously, weapons out.

You. The last samurai on the Japanese island of Tsushima.

Soon… in order to halt the invasion by the devastating Mongol empire while cut off from reinforcements, you will have to change tactics.

You will have to master a new way of fighting, one that involves stealth and ambushes, and moving like a shadow.

Soon… you will be known by an unnerved enemy as the Ghost of Tsushima.

Games to look forward to in 2019

Ghost of Tsushima
Release date: Sometime in 2019. Will be available at BT Games.

There is a cry from atop, all the way from your ship’s tallest mast.

“Cap’n! I sees her! Close to the fort!”

Standing by the bow, you open your spyglass and place your eye to it. It’s harder to see from here, but Mr Jenkins is the sailor with your crew’s best eyes.

At last, the merchant vessel you’d heard rumours about, carrying a fortune in precious cargo back to Britain from India.

“Full sails, Mr Bentley!”
“Aye, captain!”

He shouts your orders, and like scurrying ants, the crew set the sails to catch the wind.

“Maintain our course! We need to reach 8 knots!”

Soon, you close the distance. The merchant vessel tries to flee, but she’s too slow to possibly escape your ship. There is a loud boom as the cannons on the fort’s walls fire at you – the black flag flapping on your mast gave the game away, but the cannon balls crash into the water beyond your port side.

The vessel, giving into the inevitable, drops her sails, allowing maneuverability, and swings so her own port side faces you, and her 20 cannons open fire.

There is a crash as five of the balls hit your deck – and in an explosion, one of your crew is flung overboard from the force of it.

But the merchant vessel made a mistake. Your ship is quicker, and you order your own sails dropped.

A storm is approaching – best be quick! With the sails down, your ship swings around, so your starboard side faces the merchant vessel in a broadside. Your cannons are loaded with grape shot – designed to reduce the number of her crew while doing minimal damage to your soon-to-be prize.

“Fire!” you shout!

The 30 cannons on your ship open a barrage that darkens the air between your ships just as the skies are similarly darkening, with flashes of sheet lightning searing vision for split seconds at a time.

The volley, you can see, has the desired effect. Many of her sailors drop like sacks of potatoes.

You grin.

“Swing us towards her, Mr Bentley!”

As your ship closes the gap, and your buccaneers, grim men with grinning faces, armed with flintlock pistols and heavy cutlasses, prepare to board her, a white flag goes up.

She’s yours. Her crew. Her gold. Her rich bounty. Her.

There is nothing as fearsome as the flag waving the skull and bones.

Games to look forward to in 2019

Skull and Bones.

Release date: Sometime in 2019. Will be available at BT Games.

You grip your assault rifle tightly to your chest as you walk slowly down the dark tunnel. Ancient lights along the metro flicker on and off, creating shadows that disappear just as quickly.

Soon you will be close to the outside. According to scouts, the radiation levels have dropped sufficiently to allow for the breathing of once scorched air.

In the distance, you can hear the howling of some unknown creature, followed by others. It tears at your soul. The gun, heavy as it is, feels a comfort in your hands.

Approaching a ladder built into the wall, you strap you weapon to your back, and climb up to a hatch. You tense up as you pull its crossbars counter-clockwise before hearing a satisfying click. It’s unlocked.

You push up the hatch, its heavy weight obstinately defying you – so you hurl it open. It clangs. A little too loudly.

Exiting the tunnel, you are now at the decrepit old Moscow train station on the outside world. The sun is going down, and there are red hues in the sky.
The scouts were right; the air is breathable. You feel a rejoicing.

Grass has grown in the station’s outer limits, Flowers too, some of magnificent colours, hues in pink, purple, red, and blue.

But you remain cautious and you are right to be: there is a suddenly loud screeching and a monstrosity appears from a broken door. It is large, heavily muscled, and has grotesque features, reminding you almost of what a horse and a dog might look like if their genes were somehow moulded together.

You waste no time; your assault rifle is out and you crouch onto your knee. Letting off short bursts, you aim for the head.

Duu-duu-duu-duu-duu! The bullets ring out, hitting your target – yet still it charges.

You’ll soon have to reload – and the thing is nearly upon you – when it collapses, thankfully, into a heap.

You eject the magazine and load another one, before cocking the rifle, ready for any more of these creatures.

But all is silent for now. It seems this was a lone straggler. You scout about some more, then decide it is clear.

Soon you will return to your people, the young, the old, some of fighting age, some too wounded to fight, to trek across the Russian wilderness in search of a new home.

The year is 2036.

And you are your people’s last hope.

Metro Exodus: Release date – March 2019


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