Get Teched Up for August


Get Teched Up for August.

What would life be like without technology? Remember when you wanted to mail a friend in America, it took four weeks to arrive! Now, you simply hit ‘send’, and they receive it an instant.

Of course, technology can be a bit like a hamster wheel. An electronically-turbo powered hamster wheel that keeps accelerating whether you’re running or not. And accelerating. And accelerating.
But overall, it adds convenience to our day – or provides us with awesome amounts of detail to improve our lives.

During this last month of winter (is it really still winter?) we’re going to point out a couple of ways to tech up your life. From weighty gadgets, to helpful apps, and the best Android phone right now, to the best headset for getting work done.

Gadget tech: Meet a scale with smarts.
Scale 700 Connected Scales with Impedance Meter.

Did you know there are weighing scales that don’t just tell you your weight? Welcome to the 21st Century. Where scales are smart as Einsteins, and can discern important info about your body simply by you standing on them.

For instance, there’s the DoFit Smart Scale. Besides your weigh-in, it’ll also give you your Body Mass Index, your fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water mass, body mass index, and even basal metabolic rate. It judges you, too. Silently, but you know it is. You just know it.

It sends all the info to an app on your phone, which you can use to keep track of your progress… or use to help guilt you into a starting a lifestyle change. It’s okay: spring is around the corner, and according to research, new beginnings make the perfect start time to make a change.

R1,099 from Decathlon at our shopping centre.

Get Teched Up for August

App tech: beat jet lag with Timeshifter.
If you’re booking your end-year holiday away now, you might be considering the role of jet lag in destination choice. Jet lag being the ultimate drag when flying across time zones. You’ve got seven days to enjoy an exotic destination, you don’t have time for crashing in your hotel room. That’s where Timeshifter comes in.

It works out a few details about you. Such as your chronotype – that would be how your specific day-night cycles work. The two main types are ‘early bird’ and ‘night owl’. (As an aside, night owls suffer immense amounts of stress as we live in an early bird world. But it’s a proven, researched fact that it isn’t so much a bad habit as a body’s naturally occurring rhythm that determines if you go to bed early or stay up late).

It works out the time zone you came from, the one you’re going into, direction of travel, time spent in each time zone, etc. You’re then given a short to-do list to minimise jet lag. Such as being exposed to bright light for three hours, between such and such a time. Or avoiding stimulants like caffeine for nine hours. This then helps your body adjust to its new setting much quicker.

Available on iOS and Google Play App Stores. Then visit Flight Centre at our shopping centre to book your faraway getaway.

Get Teched Up for August

Phone tech: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. King of the Androids.
There are two kinds of people in the world. iOS people and Android people. The second being robots, there are way more of them – and way more phones. Which is the best on the market today? Our personal opinion is the stunning Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Sure, some of the competition comes close. There’s the Huawei P20 Pro, the finest phone the company has ever built. It’s wonderful, though intelligence services have warned that the Chinese government is able to obtain users’ personal information from their devices. A claim Huawei denies, but still. You. Never. Know.

There’s also the Google Pixel 2 XL. It once featured the best camera on a phone. But that bragging right was bagged by Samsung.

Featuring two excellent rear cameras, your creative aspirations can be fulfilled with the S9. In fact, it has a 1.5f-stop. That means the lens opens extremely wide – allowing for shallow depth-of-field (where you blur out the background, creating perfect focus on the subject of your photo) and shooting in low-light.

The raw power of the phone is incredible, with the latest snapdragon processor punching the numbers at furious speed. And 6 gigabytes of RAM, you’ve got serious computational crunching power to load apps in the blink of an eye. There’s nothing more beautiful than an instantly responsive smartphone.

By getting it in plus size, you’ve an immensely immersive, near bezel-less screen experience. Coupled with a VR heat-set, and the S9 will take you to a Galaxy far, far away.

Available at our various technology and cellular stores for various prices depending on what contract model you want to pursue.

Get Teched Up for August

Headphone tech: Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS.
A headphone that gets down to business.

You’re awaiting that important call. You know so much rides on making the sell. Finally, the phone rings, and you leap (metaphorically) to it. Your voice shakes a little, but then steadies. You can convince this potential investor in your business to believe in you!

Except, he calls at a bad time. You’re out and about – at the Gautrain station, in fact, or maybe a busy mall, like ours.

You can hardly hear him, but you don’t want to lose the chance to convince him, so you reluctantly try carry on. If only you had an awesome active noise cancelling headset designed for business people to communicate on.

Even if you’re not trying to start your own company, but instead work in an open-plan office, a solid headset is a must for productivity. Open-plans have advantages, but being able to concentrate isn’t always one of them. Fortunately, there are a lot of great headphones out there with ANC-tech (active noise cancelling).

Our current favourite is the Sennheiser MB 600 UC MS. It’s built for Business for Skype, and has excellent sound-streaming technology – with the latest Bluetooth™ codecs. So sound is clearer than polished crystal. Three microphones work well to reproduce your voice and transmit it to the person you’re talking to. It has THIRTY hours of wireless talk time. And the MB 600 intelligently filters out background sound on-the-fly, removing distracting sounds almost a split-second after they start.

It’s no surprise Sennheiser’s produced the goods with this headset. The German company are renowned for their sound technology.

So whether you’re a big-time (or small-time) CEO who needs perfect clarity of call wherever he is, or an office worker that needs to cancel out distractions, the MB 600 comes highly recommended.
Because not only does everything just work, but you’ll be able to work much better.

Available for R6,499 at Incredible Connection at our shopping centre

Get Teched Up for August


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