Getting motivated for Summer – your gym needs you today


Getting motivated for Summer – your gym needs you today.

We get it. An extra layer of blubber is needed to get through the winter months. But summer is coming. We’re about to hit spring, and that’s all the time we’ve got before it’s suntans by the beach, dips by the pool, short skirts, thin shirts sporting muscular guns.

Nobody wants to look like they are expecting… a bundle of joy. With Greenstone’s myGym relaunch, there’s more reason than ever to start training. How to do it? We’ll help motivate you.

Motivation Trick 1: pictures of your goal
If you’ve gained weight recently, nothing is as motivating as remembering what you used to look like a few kgs under. Fortunately, even if you have no pictures lying around, we know a grand Keeper of Memories known as Facebook. Browse for a couple of pictures of your less horizontally-challenged days and print them out. It’s not to shame you, it is to give you a goal. You were in shape then, you can be in shape now.

Alternatively, if you never were in shape, look for pictures of your dopplegangsta. A dopplegangsta is like a doppleganger (your double), but cooler. Someone who looks like you, but the version of you you are not. The happier you. Seek out the happier you, and after the intense envy dissipates, creepily print out pictures and use them for inspiration.

Step in the right direction
When coming out of a winter of gyming discontent, it can be hard getting back in step. A simple trick to getting you in love with exercise again is the early morning walk around the neighbourhood. The best thing about a brisk stroll in the cold is how it makes your lungs feel alive. It will awaken your endurance and the feeling of goodwill brought on by exercise.

Deadly enemies
Lions have hyenas. Baboons have leopards. Secretary birds have snakes. Bees have wasps. We all have our natural enemies. In your case, that enemy is sugar. Sugar is the easy way to feel good. It is a little brain-spike high, and makes the body not want to engage in exercise. Never mind the weight gain it does in spades. You’ll want to avoid sugar when getting into an exercise routine.

Sweeteners or the natural sugars, like fructose, in small amounts are fine. You’re looking for that feel good feeling, and the best way to get it is from burning calories, not adding them.

Buddy up
Never stand on the treadmill alone. Be motivated by a buddy who runs along side you. Just reach out to a friend who’s also looking for reasons to get in summer slim shape again. Make a pact, it is important because it just takes one of you to let the whole thing slide. No! You are two gym warriors who have a war to fight against flab and unfitness, and you need each other to succeed! Every day you plan to meet, do your best to get to the gym, and coax each other into giving your best.
Hopefully some of these tips help. Just remember, in the end, only You can motivate yourself.


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