Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day

He is every son’s first superhero and every daughter’s first love. He can fix anything that’s broken and you can count on him for everything else. He taught you how to ride a bike and tie your shoe. His work is endless and more often than not, thankless, yet he loves unconditionally. When he didn’t have your hand, he had your back. He is one-of-a-kind and his love is unparalleled. He is your dad.

When dads get asked what they want for Father’s Day there’s a good chance that one of the answers would be “peace and quiet” or “I’ve already got everything I need”, gesturing to the family. And while we can’t help but to think that there might be a bit of truth in those statements, deep down everybody likes to get spoiled with a gift or two – even dads.

So, this is where we come in. We’re here to guide you through some gifting ideas to ease the frustration that is known as Shopping for Dad:

Lay Z Upon Him
If it really is isolation your old man is after, we’ve got just the thing for him. Well, we’ve got an entire shop full, actually. If there is one thing all dads like more than badly crafted pun jokes, it is having “their” chair. You know the one we’re talking about. The selection process isn’t swift, it happens over a few years and just one day Pops asks you to get out of his seat. Wait, what? Get a step, or should we say seat, ahead. At La-Z-Boy, they’ve got an entire range of furniture perfectly made for someone that wants to be left “in peace and quiet” to watch the Sunday footie. Respect the man’s wishes by disrespecting it a bit, you rebel you. It’s a win-win.

Fund His Hobby
Dad’s aren’t complicated creatures, yet, trying to get a perfect gift for them usually is. But, luckily, dads have hobbies- and that usually makes things easier. And we have you covered in all instances. Is your dad an avid camper? Trust us, there is always something he doesn’t have yet – find it at our Dixon Adventure Centre. Does your dad like to cycle or golf? At Mr Price Sports you’ll find something for him in no time. Gamer? Well that’s easy, a new installment from BT Games. No one can ever have too many games… (perfect for his new chair).

Put the Right Foot Forward
Dad’s aren’t exactly known for their great fashion sense… usually, the only fashionable item in his wardrobe is the thing that’s made it back into style or something that’s become “in” ironically. Those never seem to last long though and Dad deserves better. Case in point: dad shoes. If your Dad’s go-to are those chunky and bulky all-white, made-for-the-tennis-court offering from that equilibrium brand, it’s time for a change. That same brand has countless great offerings to choose from at either Side Step or Sportscene.

Let Dad Play
After you’ve let the dad have his annual sleep-in, it’s up to you to keep him entertained for the rest of the day – and at Greenstone, this, too, is incredibly easy. No matter how old they tend to get on the outside, they stay young at heart. With Tenpin bowling, Bumper Cars and arcade full of games that will wake up all the nostalgia, The Fun Company at Greenstone will ensure a full day of leisure to distract Dad, and the rest of the family for that matter, off the daily grind.

At the end of this Father’s Day, it doesn’t really matter whether you give Dad a new watch or just a phone call, the day is dedicated to him (even if he doesn’t necesarrily wants it to be). Just remind him why…


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