Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to start looking for the best deals, gifts and planning the perfect breakfast in bed. And we, as your premier shopping destination can provide exactly all of that.

If there’s something synonymous with Mother’s Day, it’s breakfast in bed. Ever since the day was created, the go-to for daughters, sons and husbands all around the world has been breakfast in bed. More often than not, it just leaves a lot to be desired. We say no more! Despite your best efforts, no mom deserves to pretend to sleep through the avalanche of pots and pans in the kitchen just to be met with sub-standard eggs overcooked bacon.

We have the perfect, yet unusual, solution for this. Break the rules (that Mom probably ironically set herself) completely and get her something completely different for breakfast. Get to the Bread Basket and wake your mother up with a (and we cannot stress this enough) giant slice of cake or a dozen fresh French Macaroons. Add a card, bought at PNA obviously, to remind her that she deserves every bite and that only half of the calories count for moms on their special day… and hey – there will be no cleanup for anyone afterwards.

Mother's Day Greenstone Shopping Centre

Even though most moms would be grateful with a sweet breakfast in bed without a mess left behind, you know mom will appreciate a gift or two. And if said gift can be obtained on promotion, it’s all the more advantageous. Dis-Chem Pharmacy is running a fantastic promotion on perfume gift sets especially for moms up until the 12th of May – Mother’s Day. Remember to nick Mom’s Dis-chem card when you shop, so you can get those rewards points on her behalf – two gifts in one. Boom!

Two characteristics that normally make a gift snap are the aesthetic as well as the functionality of thereof. If there is one place that ticks both those boxes effortlessly, it’s Carrol Boyes. We can guarantee it’s impossible to go inside and not find something that will suit your mom’s personality, style or flair.

Mother's Day Greenstone Shopping Centre

When it comes to gifting there is another undeniable trait that makes for a great present, it is something that you make yourself. A gift from the heart. Not only is it the most cost-effective but it’s exceptionally personal as well. And no matter how not-good you are at crafting, moms appreciate the thought that goes into it – they’re just wired like that. But fair warning, this only seems to work on mothers when it’s Mother’s Day so don’t try it on any other holiday of the year. We found that out the hard way. The good people at Good Housekeeping were kind enough to round up 45 ideas of something you can make for your mom yourself. Take a look of what you think you’re capable of making and get the supplies while you shop for that card at PNA.

If you’re still undecided despite our best efforts to convince you of these ideas, sometimes the best gift is the freedom of choice. There are no doubt a couple of things that Mom secretly, or privately desires. To this we have the perfect solution and it’s called the Greenstone Gift Card. Easily obtained at our Info Kiosk, you can load an amount from R50 – R5 000 per card and Mom is able to spend it at any of our 156 stores.

However, you decide to spoil your mom this year, take a moment to bear in mind that not everyone is that fortunate to still have theirs’ around. Therefore, whatever you do, just let her know how much she means to you. Whether you use a card, gifts or poorly decorated tote, just somehow remember to tell mom “I love you” this Mother’s Day.


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