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“Architecture is the bones. Décor is the heart. And art is the soul of a room.” – Terri Lind Davis

You have been meaning to get to it, we know. You told yourself you just want to settle in first. The time to make the rooms in your house great again has come. It’s time to say goodbye to dullness and hello to radiance.

If you’ve been hesitant having friends over for dinner or a braai because you can’t bear to show anyone your bare walls, this is for you. And while we can’t, legally, do or say anything about the bones of the rooms in your home, we can try and help you put some heart and soul into them. We show you how to liven up your living spaces, kid’s rooms or even the bedroom with a few easy-to-do tips and tricks that will even impress the mother-in-law.

We have a look at three different ways to decorate some of the rooms in your home. Here we unpack decals, painting and good ol’ fashioned prop decorating.

We like decals. They’re relatively easy to do and probably the most affordable way of giving a “meh” wall a bit of flair. It allows for a less permanent way to decorate spaces without any commitments – not happy with how it turned out? Just take it off!

The possibilities with the vinyl are endless and one can really get creative. Without any know-how, the empty wall which you want to transform can be intimidating. So we suggest starting small: pop into our Crazy Store for a wide variety of decals quotes in different shapes and sizes and follow this instruction on spacing and leveling. Once completed, you can move on to something more challenging, like these, for instance.

Home Décor DIY

Change is as good as a holiday and all, but have you ever slapped a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls yourself? No amount of R&R can compare. Okay, perhaps a bit of a stretch, but semantics. If you’re thinking about renovating interiors, painting should no doubt be on your list.

Sectioning off the top half of the room with one colour and the rest with a contrasting shade is very “2019” – not only does it make the room look larger and the ceiling higher, but it gives the room some unique character.

If you rather want to keep it simple and stick to one colour per room, the hues that are “so in right now”, and our favourites, include woodland shades, dark greens, and misty blues and aquas. For a complete colour guide, check this article out.

You can pop in at our Game’s hardware section for expert advice and everything you’ll need to redo your interiors like a professional, from masking tape to cover round off corners to the best brushes and rollers for the job.

For a how-to on painting techniques and other tips and tricks, have a look at this video.

Home Décor DIY

Few things suck the life out of a room or even a home like blank vacant walls do. There really are endless ways of decorating walls, but we found a couple we really like and are relatively simple to do.

You do it on your Instagram, why not try it at home? A fun little project for just about any room providing it has a black or white landscape, is hanging up a large scale block art of an image you hold dear, or anything that will give the room the atmosphere you want it to have.

An easy way to do this is to visit Block Posters. They allow you to turn one (high-resolution) image into several smaller images, to download as one file. Just head down to Kodak Express and print the new images on their high-quality printers, pick up suitable frames while you’re there to hang your pictures, and presto! For a fully comprehensive guide on doing this, check out how Lisa pulled off the very image above…

Sticking to picture showcasing if your photo-frame-wall (you know the one we’re talking about) could do with a fresh, alternative, yet unique way of displaying your favourite photos. Why not consider putting them on timber? It’s much, much easier than you think. You’ll get just about everything, barring the piece of timber you need for this project at PNA, once again. For the super easy step-by-step how-to, check out Designer Trapped.

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