How to live green


How to live green

Between cars, factories, those pesky litterbugs and the toxic gasses released whenever we Doom that annoying fly, our environment is in a sad state.

The sad reality is that it’s impossible to expect humanity to fix their ways overnight.

What we can do is make a change in ourselves and hope that others will follow.

Being green doesn’t have to be drastic. Small changes make big impacts, and here are a few things YOU can do on your part.

How to live green

Start by saving energy (and some hard-earned money in the process!)

We’ve all heard about fluorescent light bulbs and how much more practical they are. We suggest starting there, visit our Clicks, Game and Dischem stores and ask them on energy saver lights. Also, to be part of Pick n Pay’s sustainable living consider switching to LEDs as it will lighten your ecological footprint, but promises to save you money too: rooms fitted with LEDs remain cooler and reduce air-conditioning costs substantially, while typically lasting more than 15 times longer than other bulbs. Greening your life could be as simple as flicking a switch. Read more HERE

Next, focus on water

Think of baths as an occasional treat and stick to showers, shower saves water – as long as you don’t go past 10 minutes. Also, we know how awesome shower time is. Being alone, massaged by steamy water, able to sing to your hearts content. Magical isn’t it?

And, if you’re using a bath get to Use your bath water in the garden. Water the soil around the plants rather than the leaves. Keep a bucket next to your tub and use it to flush the toilet, it makes a huge impact.

And the rest…

Walk to the supermarket instead of driving up the road- it’s good for your health and means less carbon emissions, not to mention saving on petrol costs.

Our government, to their credit, has actually understood the magnitude of our obligation towards our planet. As such, they’ve implemented a number of land rehabilitation projects. One of these is Ekurhuleni, which focuses on solid waste and recycling. You can get in the habit of separating your waste according to glass, paper plastic. And familiarize yourself with the Ekurhuleni recycling facilities including the refuse and waste removal schedules.

We have one Earth. Maintaining our planet as a home for all life depends on us.


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