How to motivate yourself on “off” days


It’s normal we’re human! Whether it’s lack of sleep, excess stress and anxiety or just feeling down we all have our off days. This is completely natural, the highs and lows that life offers us is all about the journey.

Here are some useful tips to make those off days not seem so bad!

1. Relax – Take a deep breath. If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed the most important thing is to bring yourself back down to earth. Go for a walk, listen to your favourite song or indulge in a candle lit bath. Use this time to work through what is making you feel off. It’s important to confront it rather than push it under the rug! Practice deep breathing. Give yourself the opportunity to clear your mind.

2. Set a goal – This is a great way to get you out of the rut of an off day. Why not make the goal public? Put it up on your social media account that you will be attending your first yoga class this evening and will share your thoughts on it straight after. Making a goal public like this will make you accountable through people’s knowledge of your goal to actually go ahead and do it!

3. Get up, dress up, show up – Look good and feel good, right? Right! Sometimes when you’re having an off day the best thing to is fake it till you make it. Go above and beyond to dress really well that day, be present wherever you go and carry on as if it were any other day. Allowing yourself to be “too busy” to be consumed by the feeling, you’ll slowly but surely start feeling that way!

It’s important to know that it’s okay to have an off day!

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