It’s Spring Cleaning Time


It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring! Finally! After a particularly cold winter, we finally have the best season of the year – where it’s like Goldilocks… not too cold, not too hot, but just right. And being a time of seasonal change, and in tradition, it’s time for some spring cleaning. But we’re not limiting it to cleaning the house. We’re going for mind and body too.

Spring cleaning your finances.

A lot of us mean to start saving, but economic times being what they are, it can be difficult. Still, with our impressive array of bank branches in the mall, there’s an advisor to speak to for whoever you bank with. Open a savings account. Even if it’s just a little every month, it does add up. And thanks to compound interest, it can add up exponentially. It makes cents to save. Pardon our terrible pun!

Spring cleaning your body.
Now is the time to detox. Get rid of the toxins inside you. And rejuvenate your sense of well-being. And there’s such a simple way to do it. Simply get down to Dis-Chem or Clicks. Then peruse their inventory of vitamins and minerals and detoxing products.

One that’s particularly helpful is activated charcoal. It’s really great for removing toxins from the body.

(Then maybe have a cheat day every so often and go down to Bread Basket where they have delicious delicacies.)

You may also find other helpful products in these pharmacies. Such as special foot pads that literally absorb the toxins from your body through your feet. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is. Within a few days, and you’ll be feeling more clear-headed and alert that ever before.

Spring cleaning your figure.
Summer is coming. It won’t be too much longer now. And that means seaside holidays. Which means bikinis and swimming costumes…

You want to ensure you’re looking proper fit. Either to be a point of pride for your husband / wife, or to find one! Even if it isn’t Mr (or Mrs) Right you’re interested in currently, Mr (or Ms) Right Now will do too.

So you want to get to the gym, pronto, and make that part of your daily routine. Good thing we have a lovely gym at our shopping centre. Make MyGym your gym – especially since it has affordable and flexible membership without requiring a contract. You’re not bound to the Planet (cough cough) by heavy gravity, you can leave when you like.

Spring cleaning your mind.
There’s never been a better time than now to get down to Bargain Books for a great deal. Buy yourself a page-turner, because an exciting novel really fuels the imagination. Or visit Exclusive Books for one of their spiritual, philosophical, or religious books and gain enlightenment. And while you’re at it, pick up something from their science or history sections and learn a thing or two more about the world we live in.

Reading stimulates the brain, making you smarter, and giving you a clearer perspective on the world. So that you experience personal growth.

Spring cleaning your creativity.
What can we say, we just love our PNA! It’s filled with some of the highest quality arts and crafts supplies in the country. So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just getting started, stop by and pick up some creative tools.

And if you haven’t done any creative hobbies before, now is a great time to start. Seasonal change makes for perfect habit-forming behaviours around new disciplines.

You should definitely give creative hobbies a try; they relieve us of a lot of the modern world’s afflictions such as depression and anxiety. You’ll definitely find great advice from PNA’s very own blog site,, on how to get into creative hobbies – with plenty of articles on the subject.

Now go forth and spring clean your body, mind, and spirit!


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