New Year, New Adventures, New Fashion


New Year, New Adventures, New Fashion etc.

2019 is upon us. Say it again, just to let it sink in.

Maybe it’s just us, but 2018 felt like both the longest and shortest year in living memory. Does anyone actually remember September? 2018 saw an entire Olympics AND a World Cup, yet nobody seems to recall them. It’s most certainly been eventful.

What we’re planning on in doing 2019?

Many of us make the mistake of using New Year’s Resolutions as a platform for superficial and half-hearted challenges. For those of us who bother with them, we do so knowing full well that our resolve will crumble within a few weeks. We don’t mind this because our heart wasn’t really in it to begin with.

In fact, New Year’s Resolutions have become synonymous with not being completed than the actual benefits they yield. They have, for all intents and purposes, become a meme.

What most of us fail to realise is that with a New Year comes something we should grab with both hands, an opportunity to start afresh.

Maybe you’ve cheated on your diet or slacked at the gym, or maybe that new language you planned on learning didn’t exactly work out. You might have gained a few kilos or lost a few friends, but the thing is that’s okay. It really is. There’s no harm in trying and failing because we’re human.

What’s not okay, however, is failing to learn from these shortcomings. And this is why the New Year should be relished.

It’s not often that we get a chance to hit the reset button. And, as any one with a malfunctioning computer can tell you, sometimes hitting reset is all you need. 2019 is a blank canvas.

So, how do we approach the New Year? One word comes to mind: introspection.

Many unsuccessful resolutions are exactly that due to one fundamental mistake, their roots are steeped in insincerity. Often, you hear superficial goals such as “I’ll lose weight” or “I want to stop smoking”. No specifics, no timeline, just blanket statements meant to suffice as a resolution.

They key to a successful one lies within the name- to resolve, to internalise, to make a genuine and concerted effort to implement change. And to see it through.

In order to successfully achieve any goal, one has to ensure that it’s attainable, measurable and desirable. You’re far more likely to care if you’re personally invested. So again, we tie into our keyword of the month- introspection.

Give your potential resolutions some deep thought and careful consideration. Before you get there, however, reflect on all the things you don’t like. What are you looking to change, and how dedicated are you to changing them?

With a new year comes a plethora of new opportunities. Opportunities to explore, to discover, to take risks and try new things. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, try that new meal, go on that date, visit that new city and buy that item you’re not sure of yet.

2019 we’re ready for you!


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