November is the month of the MO


Remember, remember, the fifth of Movember… wait, that doesn’t sound right? Unless Guy Fawkes was a millennial? Well, he did have a moustache…

There are plenty of reasons to criticise millennials. Between their weird dress sense, crazy trends, social media movements and apparent disinterest in all things life related, it’s easy to accidentally dismiss Movember as no more than another immature Facebook phase- like that guy who went “pah pah pah” into a Mic. But with Movember, it’s important to understand the method behind the madness and its underlying motives, for behind the furry upper lip lies a babyface defined by good intentions.

November is the month of the MO

Due to the underlying fear caused by the mere thought of getting theirs checked, Prostate Cancer has become a silent killer amongst men. Sadly, there is much trepidation attached to making sure your nether region is in a usable condition, which means most are only aware that there’s a problem once it’s too late. Movember aims to eradicate that. No, growing a moustache won’t prevent Cancer nor will it help those who already have it. What it will do is raise awareness, promote solidarity and contribute towards a movement rapidly gaining traction for making a difference.
So, gentlemen, we urge you to put that masculine bravado aside and check the places that really matter, because your health impacts the people you love. More importantly, however, is the opportunity to go from meek little youngling to the king of suave- so stash those razors and ‘stache those faces.

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November is the month of the MO

While we’re on the topic of men, let’s talk about another milestone this month. Did you know that the first Thursday of November is Men Make Dinner Day? No, we’re not making that up. Need more info? We thought as much…

November is the month of the MO

We can all agree that it’s EXTREMELY hard being a woman today. There are a variety of socio-economic reasons why, which we can explore another day, but mainly it’s due to having to put up with us guys. It’s difficult enough working, raising kids, playing superwoman and being our pillars of support. However, this stress is compounded by the never-ending cycle of coming home and to hungry mouths. So, once a year, you can feel the joys of sitting back and relaxing while someone else takes that stress off your shoulders. Guys, we know you might need a few pointers, so here’s a step by step guide to earning those much-needed brownie points.

1) Give those ladies a drink, a comfy couch, their favourite movie and a place to put those feet up.
2) Lock that kitchen door- no ladies allowed, no assistance required, we’re capable and we’ve got this. No cheating by getting the kids in!
3) Take outs are prohibited. It’s all on you.
4) Braaied meat does not count as cooking. Neither does asking for a potato salad the day before. And no, cereal or toast is not the same as dinner.
5) We know you love steak, but your wife probably feels differently. Cook her favourite foods, not yours.
6) Dessert is mandatory and cannot come out of a box.
7) This is not a fifty-fifty split- you mess it, you clean it.

We know this sounds like a lot of work but let’s take a moment to appreciate the women who do it for us on a daily basis.

So, put on those aprons and do your best Gordon Ramsay impression- minus the swearing, of course.

November is the month of the MO

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