October’s films at Ster-Kinekor


October’s films at Ster-Kinekor.

You’ve always enjoyed it best on the big screen. Well, most TVs these days are pretty big. But they’re not GIGANTIC. Not like Ster-Kinekor’s. With larger-than-life sound that positively reverberates through your skin! It’s always best to have your first experience of an epic movie where it counts. In an eyeball exploding extravaganza.

So, we’re pleased to announce some of this month’s big movies that will get you salivating for the action, the drama, the laughs, and the experience of leaving all your woes behind for a while. Because no matter what stresses you’re under, nothing beats time in a darkened cinema.

Friday Oct 4: Bottom of the 9th

Some men weren’t born to quit. Some men get crushed into the dirt, but some come back swinging.

And so is the story of a once-promising baseball major leaguer who tries to find a new life fresh out of prison. A bad night, a bad decision… that compromised his future. Now he gets to try step on a new path. Or does he?

Sonny might be ageing. But he’s going to discover he still has his chance to make history, and at the same time, change the ending of his own story.

Don’t miss this exciting sports action-drama with taunt performances and tight, explosive moments of edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

It’s the bottom of the 9th. And Sonny may just be New York Yankee material.

In Yankee uniform.

October’s films at Ster-Kinekor

Friday Oct 11: Gemini Man

Will Smith stars alongside himself in the technologically groundbreaking yet emotionally searing movie of an ageing assassin who comes face-to-face with someone he’d never expect to. Call it an existential crisis to the nth degree, but imagine having to confront a vastly younger version of yourself?

Yet, in this explosive sci-fi thriller filled with top-tier acting on top of action, Gemini Man convinces you there are two very distinct beings who are essentially the same person. The younger version of Will Smith was created using the most advanced “de-ageing’ technology today. One even the critics are saying is vastly superior to what Marvel used for its Captain Marvel movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the gripping razor-sharp trailer. Because you will see a Will Smith that was brought forth from the ‘90s, bone-structure and all – as that changes subtly during the passage of time.

One man, two different ages, one confrontational moment where the greatest question is: how do you save yourself from yourself`?

Because neither character is the “bad” guy, both are distinctly profound that you will sympathise with, and yet they have to face themselves, bullets and all, in the end.

October’s films at Ster-Kinekor

Friday Oct 18: Maleficient: Mistress of Evil

Five years have passed since the re-telling of events first depicted in Disney’s 1959’s Sleeping Beauty. In this movie’s prequel’s strange turn of events, Maleficent turned out to care about Princess Aurora. And, in turn, took on a motherly role to her.

Meanwhile, Aurora falls for a young prince, and accepts his invitation of marriage.

Interlocking all this is political intrigue when another queen enters the picture, one who has her designs on destroying the bond between the Fairies and Humans once and for all.

Despite her, pardon the pun, ill-reputed reputation for evil, Maleficent must once again deign to act in what looks to be the beginning of a war.

Which all started with a seemingly innocent proposal…

October’s films at Ster-Kinekor


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