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So, it’s that time of the year again… holidays, fun and family! Ladies we know how difficult it is to mix-and-match the perfect outfit for those fun and unexpected events.

Take heart, whatever your size is you can be sure to find the perfect outfit. Remember, the trick is to dress for your body shape and keep comfortable.

The best outfit will show-off your assets in the best way without making you look awkward and out of place. It holiday time and here we have some great and comfy style tips and outfit ideas for those family picnics, braais, lunch dates and more!

Look 1: Distressed jeans with stunning heels

This casual fun look is perfect for a lunch date with loved ones. Team your distressed jeans with a light sweater or a flowery blouse for the effortless look.

We love these ankle length pair of jeans as they will look sweet with wedge heels, chunky heels or pretty stilettos. Make a turn at Contempo at Greenstone Shopping Centre to copy the look, they too have the coolest items for any occasion.

plus size fashion

Look 2: Maxi Dress

How gorgeous is this maxi dress!

You can now look your best in a stylish yet playful maxi dress, ideal for picnic outings or a fun day at the park. This look is simple and will do wonders in showing off your body but keeping you fashionable and chic! Head to Mildays at Greenstone for the new range of dress, maxi dresses and flowy tops.

plus size fashion

Look 3: Tropical prints

Now this cute number shouts summer time! We love prints because they are fun and add a bit of funk to your look. Remember to get flattery prints and avoid cluttered or messy prints that will not flatter our body. Shop at Mildays at Greenstone Shopping Centre and be sure to your find your perfect fit.

plus size fashion

Finally, we know a look is never compete without the perfect accessories. So, mix-and-match your summer outfits with stunning wrist accessories, neck pieces and earrings.

Find all these amazing items from our various fashion stores, see them all here:

plus size fashion


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