Reintroduce Dr Seuss


Reintroduce Dr Seuss

“If we didn’t have birthdays,
you wouldn’t be you.
If you’d never been born,
well then what would you do?”

  • Dr Seuss

The 2nd of march was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Also simply known as Dr Seuss day, it’s a day in a month that are both dedicated to encourage humans to read all across the globe. Theodor Seuss Geisel is undeniably the reason for millions of happy childhoods. If you love reading, there is a good chance it’s the doc you need to thank. The icon’s unique style of writing and rhyming made for easy reading from a young age. Some of his more famous works include: If I Ran the Zoo; Horton Hears a Who! If I Ran the Circus; How the Grinch Stole Christmas! We didn’t intend for that to rhyme, promise. One of his other mot well known books though, Green Eggs and Ham, is set to be reworked into a Netflix series later this year thanks to Ellen Degeneres and an all-star cast. Check out the teaser HERE.

It remains undisputed that Dr Seuss laid the foundation for several generations of readers, inspiring imaginations across the globe. But life happens and you haven’t picked up a book in months perhaps even years. The benefits of reading are endless, it is no secret. That is why we would like to encourage you to get back in the reading saddle this month. Because like the great man said himself: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

  1. Set yourself challenges:

The Goodreads Challenge
This challenge is quite simple. On their website, Goodreads has an interactive feature that allows you to simply state how many books you want to read for 2019. This is fun as you can choose your own number of books you think you are able to complete by the end of the year. We would
suggest starting at 12 – that’s one book a month and very doable. If you haven’t yet started, you’re a little behind…

view more HERE

2019 POPSUGAR Challenge
If you want something a little more advanced, there is the Popsugar challenge. For the last several years Popsugar has put out a list of reading prompts which you can use to read specific books and tick them off as you go along. It serves as a fun way of reading a vast range of topics and not succumb to one specific genre as many of us do. You can have a look at that HERE

  1. Keep Books Lying Around
    Put a book on your bedside table, one in the kitchen, one in the lavatory, one in the lounge, one at the office and one wherever you spend some of your time. If you found yourself in these spaces, instead of pulling out you phone, read a few pages of or paragraphs rather – you’ll be surprised at the amount of down time you actually have.
  2. Read in Traffic
    Okay this one might need a bit of explaining. We don’t mean conventional reading while you are driving by following words on pages with your eyes, those should be on the lookout for a certain type of minibus breaking every traffic law that exists. We are talking about Audiobooks. While whether it technically counts as “reading”, it makes a great way of taking in information while otherwise you would not have. The best place to start with this, in our experience is Audible.
  3. Invest in E-reading
    If you find that paperback or audio isn’t for you, consider in an E-reader like a Kindle. It has been known that some find it easier to read over traditional books, probably because of our ever-continuing exposure to phone screens. But only can you carry literally thousands of books wherever you go, digital books are much cheaper than their paperback equivalents. Eventually, if you have read enough, an E-reader would have paid for itself.
  4. Join/Start a Book Club
    Motivate yourself and your friends to get reading by joining a book club. Who can say no to those weekly get-togethers discussing what you’ve read over wine? A good an excuse as any to get reading we think. But if you’re not a fan of alcohol or your friend’s home, there are countless digital clubs to join to keep the discussion going.
Reintroduce Dr Seuss

Incorporate all or some of these methods to get yourself reading again. Dr Seuss would be proud. We reckon the best “places you’ll go” to get back in the reading saddle are Bargain Books, CUM Books, PNA and Exclusive Books – all at Greenstone Shopping Centre of course.


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