Rollercoaster of a year


It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and that’s putting it lightly. Honestly speaking, there’s a reason nobody makes it out of life alive- this routine can be exhausting. Work is hard. Life is expensive.

If the timeline of the world was one big family, 2018 would be the brother that finished the juice and left the empty box in the fridge while snitching on you for having a boyfriend. It’s been that hard. But, thankfully, we’re at the tail end of things. And much as we’ll be glad to see the end of this stressful chapter of a never-ending story, it means we can look forward to a few days of much, much needed downtime.

Rollercoaster of a year

Your holiday is your chance to unwind and, as such, maximising every moment is essential. These are the days memories are made of. Fun times, good company, lots of laughter and maybe a few mishaps along the way, but one thing for sure is it should never be boring.

However, after the initial steam runs out, many of us find ourselves wondering what else is left to do. Well, in the spirit of all things festive, let’s gear up and brace ourselves for a well-earned holiday experience.

The first thing on anyone’s to-do list this holiday season should be Rest and Relaxation. Nothing comes close to the feeling of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying some well-earned pampering. And when we think of pampering one thing comes to mind; spa days. Exhale and unwind while, for once, you’re the centre of attention. Be it a massage, hot stone treatment, manicure or facial, there are a plethora of options available this December. Or maybe you’re searching for the perfect gift for your long suffering better half- here’s an idea, and you can both thank us later.

Rollercoaster of a year

Speaking of loved ones, December presents a perfect opportunity to catch up and reconnect. Many of us are guilty of getting so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we fail to give the people closest to us the attention they require. The festive season offers us a reset button of sorts. Take a trip back into your younger days when you’d sit across candlelit dinners on warm summer nights with hearts in your eyes. Honestly, is there any better combination than good food, peace of mind and the comfort of a loved ones embrace?

While everything outlined above sounds mellow and fun, there are some of us whose idea of a good time involves a bit more excitement. Thankfully, Jhb is the city that never slows down, and while walking down the street at night is an adrenaline rush on its own there are plenty of safe alternatives available. We all know about the Soweto towers and their much-famed bungee experience. Well, it’s famous for a reason, and if you live in Jhb but haven’t done it yet what are you waiting for?

There are also the usual suspects of course. Movies, retail therapy, comedy nights and coffee bars are always a safe bet. But, honestly, it comes down to you. Grab a loved one or grab a friend, take those kids out or just go out alone. Often, it’s the journey and not the destination that yields the sweetest fruit.

So, go forth and conquer with an open mind and keen desire to explore and you’re sure to never be disappointed. You’re sure to stumble on a few gems, so just enjoy the journey.

Like we said, life is stressful, but it also has its share of awesome moments scattered along the way.

Rollercoaster of a year


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