Rugby World Cup 2019: We’re Big in Japan


Rugby World Cup 2019: We’re Big in Japan

In case you didn’t know, it’s Rugby World Cup time again next month and we’re all kinds of excited, as it means it’s time to get behind our men in Green and Gold and support them all the way to the final, where they will no-doubt be finding themselves in for the third time (if tongue-in-cheek optimism is a crime, lock us up and throw away the key).

This year the tournament will be hosted by Japan. Between 20 September and 2 October the 20 top rugby nations will battle it out on the fields for the William Web Ellis Cup in The Land of the Rising Sun. The same Japan that gave the Springboks their first defeat in the 2015 tournament. Who could forget that fateful day four years ago? TV screens got destroyed, grown men cried, and supporter jerseys served as replacement for charcoal at the braai nationwide…

After the Proteas’ unfortunate, early exit at the Cricket World Cup and Bafana Bafana’s ‘meh’ performance at the AFCON, the only hope of national sport glory rests solely on the shoulders of the players who will take to the field in all of the Springbok matches.

New Zealand are 1/1 favourites to walk out as the victors, again. But, if there is a team that could put a stake in their wheels, it’s the Springboks. As they, along with Ireland, are the only teams that have been able to defeat the All Blacks in the last two years. There were also several other close calls in New Zealand’s recent matches against the Boks as well as England, which proves that the pacific islanders are all but invincible.

The thing is, the Boks won’t be able to do it on their own… and that is where we, as Greenstonians, and South Africans come in. Our national team will need every single ounce of support that can be offered to them. So, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to get your Springbok-support on!

1. Know Your Enemy
You know how they say: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? The obvious meaning to this is to know your enemies well. In this case, the enemy is Japan, because let’s face it, incredible hospitality and fantastic welcoming aside, we’re still pretty bummed about that defeat. And what better way to get to know the host country personally, than to dig into their national dish: sushi? Especially when it’s half price at John Dory’s on Wednesdays!

2. Get Kitted
Whether you were part of the crowd that threw their jersey in a fire back in 2015 or not, the fact is that there is a new jersey for the 2019 campaign. And you need to have it. Not just because we’re trying to sell it to you. But because it’s an incredibly beautiful supporter’s jersey. Just look at it:

Now that you’re sold, get to Totalsports and put on that jersey.

Rugby World Cup 2019: We’re Big in Japan
3. Upgrade Your View
When it comes to watching sport, there’s no substitute for watching the real thing live at the stadium. But not everyone can make their way to Japan to attend the action in person. But the next best thing is a 4K television to watch all the matches on. Which is where Dion Wired comes in – quality viewing starts here. But don’t take our word for it, pop in a visit and see for yourself. And we mean SEE for yourself.

4. Get the Best Seat in the House
There is absolutely no point in having the best viewing there is to offer, but having to watch it in discomfort. At least, that is what you can tell hubby as an excuse to get the Coricraft corner couch you’ve had your eyes on since the beginning of the year…

5. Grab a Snack and a Cold One
Can a Springbok match even be called that if it is watched without a cold beer and some delicious biltong? Heck no! It shall not pass. Luckily we have not one, but two biltong shops in Biltong@ZA and Mister Biltong Miss Candy AND a more-than-efficient bottle store, PNP Liquor, Game Liquor or Checkers Liquor, which will cater for the match-winning supporter’s combo for the entire six weeks of the competition.

And there you have it. Our simple guide to prepping for the Rugby World Cup this year. And if you still feel that no amount of “K” in a TV will make up for the thrill of watching the games live at the stadiums, visit our travel agent Flight Centre. We’re sure there’s still enough time for them to throw you an all-expenses paid (by you) trip together for you to go “big in Japan”


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