SA Fashion Week


“Fashion is in the sky, in the street… fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening…”-Coco Chanel

Style has no boundaries. There are few languages universally spoken and independent of race, sex, age or creed. There are even fewer that appeal to a multitude of senses to resonate on a deeper level. To find something which transcends the boundaries of social expectation to constantly shock, awe and surprise is rare. Fashion, however, is one of those.

It is often said that your style defines you, and this saying goes a long way. Good fashion sense can prove the difference between confidence and a lack thereof, between making an impression and being forgotten, between getting that job and not receiving a response. Your personal style is essentially an extension of your persona wherein you are free to be as bold, daring or carefree as you see fit. And when it comes to expression of self, nobody tops us here in Africa, which makes SA Fashion week the most anticipated event of the year.

It’s important to understand the impact of African style culture and how this has shaped our society. We are, traditionally fun, vibrant and colourful people. In years past and occasionally even today, the external struggles we’ve faced have forced many to become introverted shells of themselves, incapable of fully expressing their true personality. Style, however, has always been a viable and pure outlet. It is this intrinsic appreciation for the propensity of African fashion culture to defy economic restrictions which has since allowed it to evolve and flourish in the eyes of many. Rich, poor, young and old alike have all grown to appreciate its value and in turn attribute high levels of importance towards the clothes we wear. As such, SA Fashion Week has come to represent the absolute best of us, which is why the event is treated with such significance as it’s gained traction.

For those of us who aren’t aspirant fashionistas or are unable to afford the biggest names in fashion, there are still a multitude of viable options for your perusal. Style need not be limited by the actual item itself- the only limitations, in fact, are self-imposed. Your local shopping mall could in fact be your gateway to launching your unique self-expressive persona.

A quick walk through Greenstone Shopping Centre could in fact be all you need in your journey to hang with the world’s best. Clothing, footwear, jewellery and accessories – the options are truly limitless. So, while you might not be featured on our esteemed catwalks, there is absolutely no reason you can’t still turn heads today, at the event and every day that follows.

So, what’s on at Greenstone Shopping Centre? We’re glad you asked…

Let’s start with something a bit more discerning. Truworths, Queenspark, John Craig and Tread + Miller all keep things smart, stylish and ever so classy. But if you prefer a more casual style that still leaves a lasting impression, Sportscene, Factorie, Cotton On and Refinery are absolute staples in modern street culture. Then you have mainstays in ladies’ apparel such as Legit, Milady’s, Contempo and Foschini, while those on a budget are well looked after with Pick n Pay Clothing and Ackermans. Even the kids are spoiled with Soda Bloc and Cotton On Kids.

Bear in mind that these are but a few of our fashion-based options, and you can find the entire list at

The bottom line is simple: we’ve got your style needs covered. The beauty of individuality lays in each person’s ability to discern, purchase and personalise for themselves.

Remember, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it, so put your best foot forward and shop smart – but just remember to be yourself and, most of all, own it!


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