Spend Human Rights Day, the Right Way


There’s a very special day in this month for humans. Specifically, South African humans.

The 21st of March is Human Rights Day. While we’re not forgetting the importance of what this day represents, we’re extremely thankful that it makes for the first, and much needed, public holiday of the year.

By this time the kids would be just about a week into the school holidays. There’s a strong possibility that every episode on Netflix has a red filled bar underneath by this stage. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far for keeping your brood entertained – and that under one, albeit gigantic, roof. You might just need to take another day off to squeeze in all the entertaining activities Greenstone has to offer.

RUSH Trampoline Park

There is only ever one type of Rush you would want to be in, and it is the one situated on the lower level at the Food Court at entrance 2. At 2500m2, it’s pure leaping, bouncing and bobbing nirvana for all ages.

The park consists of several unique features that make for a day out with a difference. The foam pit entails 18000 foam cubes, making an ideal sponge pool to practice new manoeuvres safely from the trampolines or the one-of-a-kind dive board. There are also two hydraulic, adjustable basketball hoops with trampoline runups to find your inner LeBron James – you can’t help but to envision yourself as an NBA all star as soon as you stare those back boards in the face.

For the more competitive folk, there is also the dodgeball court. That’s right, you can experience the five D’s of dodgeball (dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge) whilst doing the one T of Rush, namely trampolining. It’s not just a childlike past time either, we’ll have you know. Mondays and Wednesday evenings are reserved for corporate and adult leagues respectively.

Rush and Dodgeball SA have teamed up to bring you Social Sundays. Between 5 and 7 every Sunday the Park transforms into a hub of dodgeball commotion. Continuous dodgeball, mini-tournaments, BattleBeams and glow in the dark face painting all make for an experience like no other. We know that this is technically not applicable for Human Rights Day, as it falls on a Thursday, but at the same price for double the amount of time as a normal entry, it’s good to keep in mind for future reference. But keep in mind, it gets busy, so pre-booking is essential.

But as we mentioned previously the park is for all ages. Even for the littlest of the little. For the those that would not be familiar with the concept of dodging or dunking just yet, Rush has catered for them as well. Mondays to Thursdays from 11am – 12pm and 9am – 10am on Fridays and Sundays are dedicated Toddler Times. Qualified child minders see over the little ones with kiddie’s music and a range of stimuli to keep them entertained.

Spend Human Rights Day, the Right Way

The Fun Company

If, however, you and the kids are all Rushed out, you can always turn to The Fun Company for some alternative ways of having fun.

For a different type of gaming than what has become the probable norm, there is the arcade. Racing, shooting, collecting, hitting, jumping, hoops and so much more! The excitement of arcade games offers it all from classic to new age games for adults and children alike.

The tenpin bowling lanes are ideal for a friendly competition between all family members. No matter how young, if the retro bowling shoe fits, anyone can play. With pullup rails and rolling ramps to assist the little ones make it a fair and exciting activity for all.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Spin Zone Bumper Cars will have the whole family in stitches. As opposed to traditional bumper cars, these offer comfortable seating, seatbelts and easy controls for the small the kids to operate. The signature feature though, as the name suggests, is the uncontrollable spin that the car actions into when hit on either sides of the car. It is something to behold!

Spend Human Rights Day, the Right Way

Ster Kinekor

For a movie watching experience that captivates all the senses, the 3D cinema is an experience on its own. This brings “feeling like you’re in the movie” to a whole new level, bring the kids to watch Wonder Park, the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl names June come alive.

Spend Human Rights Day, the Right Way

While, admittedly, there is no “right” way to spend Human Rights Day, we can guarantee with all the fun to be had at Greenstone Shopping Centre with these options, it would certainly not be the wrong way to spend it at our mall.


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