Spring is Coming


Spring is Coming

Not used to THAT season referenced at the beginning of the phrase, arwerite?

Game of Thrones references aside, spring is, in fact, on its way and we could not be happier. Apart from the inevitable highveld hay fever most of us will endure (hey, we have a Dis-Chem to take care of that anyway), it means most of the colds and flu are behind us and our beautiful Joburg will once again bloom green – which we are huge fans of, what with being Greenstone Shopping Centre and all.

Spark Joy This Spring.

Ever wondered where the term “Spring Cleaning” came from? Neither have we to be honest, and it’s not that interesting so we won’t go there. What we do want to tell you is that, with the help of Marie Kondo, we’ve put together a small guide to help clean up your home, and thereby your life, this season. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on your cleaning in recent years, this is exactly for you.

The thing is, we live in a busy world. A busy city, with a busy lifestyle and no doubt a busy household. And with the busy-ness, it’s quite easy to succumb to clutter. No-one means to or do so consciously, it sort of just happens. And it happens to the best of us. But we say no more! Join us as we use these easy, but effective, ways of decluttering:

1. Does it spark joy?
It’s Marie’s number one rule and just as simple as it sounds. When you start your decluttering process and you’re battling to decide whether you want to keep it around or get rid of it, ask yourself this simple question. Whether it’s clothes, products or unused appliances. If the answer is no, throw. It. away. Or, donate it. But get rid of it ASAP.

2. Clean your handbag – daily
This might come as a bit of a shock, but handbags aren’t meant for 4-week-old receipts and bobby pins which haven’t been used in months or the extra sugar sachet you got that one time with your coffee… So, make a habit of packing out your bag every day – it takes less than 5 minutes. Try it for a week and we guarantee you’ll want to keep doing it for longer.

We suggest starting afresh though. Your current bag is beyond saving anyway… And do you need any more of an excuse to get yourself a new handbag? We didn’t think so. Get down to Mat & May and treat yourself.

3. Swap your bottles
We really like this tip. It’s simple but makes a huge difference. Pop into our @home or MR P Home and pick up a couple of elegant pump bottles. Take a couple of minutes to pour the contents of the branded bottles over into the squirt bottles. And just like that, all this extra space in your bathroom appears.

4. Drawer the line
If you make use of drawers to keep your clothes, reconsider the way you store your clothes inside them. Instead of arranging your shirts, shorts, jeans, and underwear on top of one another, use Marie’s folding method to store your clothes vertically. Not only does it save a ton of space, but it also makes it super easy to see what is available to wear as opposed to frantically rifling through everything.

5. Respect your belongings
Do you find yourself guilty of (maybe) not giving the proper care your possessions deserve? We’re talking about strewn shoes over the floors, or a closet full of the outfits not chosen for the occasion, but just tossed back? Well, you’re not alone. For this, we’d like to remind you that you (probably) paid for those with your hard-earned money, so treat them with the accompanying respect which will lead to automatic organisation.

Plants Can Spark Joy, Too.

Without plants, life, as we know it, would not be possible. But we bet you knew this already. Not just do plants provide the air we breathe, but humans have used them for their healing prowess for thousands, if not millions, of years. Which is still the case, albeit in much more sophisticated ways.

But pharmaceutical manufacturing isn’t the only way in which plants provide healing. Oh no, it has been scientifically proven that just the mere presence of plants in someone’s vicinity, and the taking care of them, actually has a healing effect on mental and emotional health. And seeing that we’re for all things green at Greenstone Shopping Centre, plants just happen to be the thing we love most (after shopping, of course).

When it comes to the plants themselves, the type that has the biggest healing effect on us, by far, is the orchid. So much so that we were the home to the annual East Rand Orchid and Exotic Plant Show that took place in May. What they lack in the ease of taking care of, they make up for in sheer, unbecoming beauty. We mean, look at these!

If they don’t get you in the mood to get your hands green after you’ve read this, we don’t know what will. If you do however want to try your hand at parenting an orchid of any kind (there are over 400 species in SA) but aren’t sure where to start, we’d suggest taking a look at our previous blog on how to take care of orchids.

If that leaves you with only wanting more, Exclusive Books has several books (literally, we checked) on the species specifically.

Who knows, we might be showcasing one of your plants or flowers next year? But the hard work starts now. You didn’t think exhibition-worthy orchids happen overnight, did you?

Spring is Coming

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