The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019


The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019

Whether we like it or not, winter is around the corner. As great as it is to cuddle up in front of the TV or the fireplace, we do need to leave the house some times. And while we can’t choose the seasons, we can choose to be ready for it. With summer well and truly over and the bite getting a little bit crisper each morning, it’s getting time to look at what to invest in for the cold season.

Clash Prints

Hopefully you already know that prints are IN, floral, geo, abstract and of course animal print . The major point here is that indecision is going to be what’s up. If you don’t know which print to go with, good! Take both.

The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019

Embrace the Leopard

One print is going to stand out more than any other. Surprise, surprise! It might have played second fiddle in the form of accessories and separates, but 2019 is the year that leopard is going to be the main focus. Whether it’s shoes, pants, blouse or coat, it’s hard to go wrong. And if you’re really brave, all of the above… but tread with caution on that one, not everyone will be able to pull it off.

Full Sized Coats

The days of petite trenches and tiny dusters are long gone. If you’re not extra-larging it this winter, you’re not doing it wrong. Bigger is better, as simple as that.

The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019


As for colours, it is open season. Anything from dark to light and everything in between. Just about anything goes but if you want to be bold, citrus is the way to go. Bright oranges, yellows and greens will make you stand out from the crowd. If it can go in a cocktail, it can go on you.

The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019


A good pair of boots is a must-have to toughen up your look. While knee-high boots will probably always have their place in the winter sun, a functional ankle boot is the best way to stomp through the cold this year. Chic and elegant like these are definitely will definitely be a favourite but don’t be afraid to get the Timabaland’s out either for a quick hike at our stores.

Tote-tally Back

When it comes to accessories, we have it on good authority that the tote bag is back! Thank goodness. After a solemn, yet complicated, romance with smol bags and their top handle predecessors, we are happy to report we are able to leave the house without the need to choose what to take and what to leave.

The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019


Trends come and go, obviously. It’s why they’re called that. But as we are obligated to put you on the right fashion track, it is to keep you off the wrong one as well. So, we are also inclined to list the trend that are OUT. If you’ve recently bought one of these items, we hope you still have the receipt…


There was a brief time that it looked like the fluorescents were making a comeback. But fortunately, not many could pull it off. The early 90’s could, but it’s been more than 20 years… Shop accordingly.

Dad Sneakers

Another trend that got popular, probably, due to its irony is that of Dad Sneakers. And honestly, it feels like it was just one big dad joke. Rather trade them in for a pair, or several, slick sporty trainers that has been in for the past couple of seasons and would probably still be for a few more to come.

The Hots and Nots for Winter 2019

Tiny Sunglasses

An additional 90’s throwback that we are quite unfanatic about is the small sunglass trend that tried to stick it’s tiny head out for a while. It looks like the shield visor type glasses will be its replacement, and while we must admit that this one will need to grow on us, we’ll rather advise that you go speak to the pro’s at Sunglass Hut and find out whether they agree.

Now that we’ve done the hard yards and laid the groundwork for you, it’s your duty to shop responsibly. We’ve got 156 spots to get the aforementioned items, barring our Nots, to suit your personal style. Have a look at what, and where they are HERE


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