The Unthinkable Tintanic and the opportunity to choose your own cruise


The Unthinkable Tintanic and the opportunity to choose your own cruise.

Well-known for turning Leonardo di Carpio into a mini iceberg, the RMS Titanic sank in 1912 – said to have been unsinkable, it went down with its captain on the maiden voyage. Talk about tempting the fates. But Kate Winslet escaped, with barely any smeared mascara, so it wasn’t all tragic.

The Titanic has also inspired many scale models over the years. And one of them is made in South Africa. In fact, it’s ‘straight out of Benoni’! It’s …The Unthinkable Tintanic.

This is what Gino Hart, the creator of the Tintanic, says* about it on his website:
“She is constructed with 20 sheets of high grade aluminium, held together by 50 000 real rivets, has 4000 rooms and is built on 160 square metres of plywood. It has 1000 specially designed, historically researched, and faithfully reproduced window frames, and other special fittings – such as seven grand staircases and lifeboat davits. The Tintanic’s interiors will be fitted over the next five years, and her completion date is estimated to be December 2022.”

The Tintanic is 8 metres long, 1.8 metres tall, and weighs one ton. It is the fourth largest model of the Titanic in the world. And certainly, the biggest one on African soil.

Currently, you can see it for yourself. Visit Greenstone Shopping Centre before 31 July 2018, where we’re exhibiting Gino Hart’s passionate creation. Marvel at the intricate detail built from close study of historical records. Experience the magic of the ill-fated ocean liner. Be swept back in time to the night disaster struck. And perhaps use your imagination to see Rose and Jack standing by the bow of the gigantic ship, as he holds her while the ship plows through the waves. Perhaps you’ll even hear, ‘My Heart Will Go On’…

Of course, modern naval technology being what it is, there’s nothing to worry about on a cruise ship, except perhaps sunburn if you don’t use lotion. That’s why Greenstone Shopping Centre and Cruise About are offering you the chance to win a cruise experience worth R15 000, in our Get a Move @myGreenstone competition. And the best part is, you get to choose what cruise you go on. How about cruising the Mediterranean, and visiting the Greek isles? Maybe making the Transatlantic crossing is an exciting idea? Or perhaps The Caribbean is more your cup of rum… to journey back to the Golden Age of Piracy, where Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Calico Jack, and other infamous pirates plundered all along the Spanish Main.

Don’t miss the Unthinkable Tintanic at Greenstone Shopping Centre from 2 July – 31 July 2018. It’s a fun, educational exhibition that will sweep you back in history to the most tragic ship of all time.

*This description is a condensed and edited version of what is currently on the website.


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