Getting with the season – Haircare guide


Getting with the season – Haircare guide

We’ve all seen it, static hair everywhere! Have you ever wondered why your hair goes through seasonal changes whenever we enter a cold or warmer season? Let’s break it down so you don’t have to. It comes down to the amount of moisture in the air.

Winter months = less moisture in the air.
Summer months = increased moisture and heat in the air.

You see, our hair is dependent on moisture to give it volume, movement and curl. When the air gets colder and drier, negatively charged electrons fly off the hair, leaving your locks with positive charges that resist each other – like magnets with the same charge. To combat the static, we recommend using a shampoo, conditioner and weekly treatment to combat dryness to help replace hydration that may be lost. Increasing the frequency of a deep conditioner may also help alleviate dryness, delivering the moisture your hair craves

But how does moisture impact hair quality during summer you might ask? When it gets hotter outside, we tend to spend more time soaking up the rays and enjoying the South African sun. Your body then works harder to keep itself cool and releases more sweat and corresponding oil that you will need to cleanse more regularly. Additionally, activities that increase environmental exposure can damage hair.

Getting with the season - Haircare guide

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