Time to get back into shape with myGym


Time to get back into shape with myGym.

The year seems to be flying by at an almost unfathomable pace. It feels like just yesterday we were complaining about the dry weather and water shortage. Where did the year go, and where did winter go? The problem with lack of sunshine is that it becomes so easy to fall into bad fitness habits. Gone are those morning runs and evening cycles because, let’s be honest, it’s way too cold for that.

Replacing those are hours in front of the TV, curled up inactively, enjoying some delicious hot treats. Before you know it, you’re wondering why your belt doesn’t use the same loop, looking in the mirror in dismay as you pray it’s just water weight. Chances are you’re also readying yourself for a crash diet that ends by lunch time. It’s a reality we all face and, thankfully, one that’s easily remedied.

Get into shape with myGym

The solution sounds simple in theory- but then again, most things do. The basic gist is calories in < calories out. As tempting as it may be to eat that last slice of pizza or indulge in an extra serving at dinner, the harsh reality is that these can be a nightmare to work off later. It’s important to note that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Crash diets might yield fast results, but those can be undone just as quickly.

Consider your weight loss journey more a combination of subtle lifestyle changes than an immediate overhaul and you’ll be sure to yield the dividends you seek over time. Hopefully, by the time you’re at your ideal weight, the occasional indulgence won’t be as tragic as it would in the early stages, as your body has already adapted enough to deal with any sporadic dietary infractions with ease.

Small changes are subtle yet powerful- drink more water, cut out milk and sugar in your morning coffee, try not to eat late at night and watch that bread intake.

However, dieting is only half the battle, and the most effective way to burn off those healthy calories coming in is with a steady and consistent exercise plan. Thankfully, this is where MyGym comes into play.

Time to get back into shape with myGym

In the five years since its launch, MyGym has grown and is rapidly becoming a viable, feasible alternative to the more well-known names in personal fitness. myGym is the home of an affordable healthy lifestyle – dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals at a low-cost that fits your pocket. Their high quality facilities offer all that you would need to get in shape, train for your sport, boost your energy or even help you get into that special outfit.

Time to get back into shape with myGym

myGym believes everyone should be able to keep fit & healthy, so they have stripped away unnecessary facilities such as saunas, swimming pools and squash courts, and have replaced them with all the latest equipment and a focus on brain matters.

Compliment your new spring lifestyle plan with MyGyms health and fitness facilities and watch as your summer bod comes along in no time.

Time to get back into shape with myGym

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