Tips to keep you beautiful this winter


Tips to keep you beautiful this winter

Joburg’s extremely dry winter air is notorious for causing unattractive, shallow, and parchment-like skin. So, what to do to get through winter with your beauty intact? We’re here to help. Follow our tips and keep your looks hot even in the icy cold.

Winter beauty

Your heater is your frenemy.

We love our heater during the coldest nights of the year. Nothing brings more joy than the warmth it gives us. But while it’s like a portable fireplace, it also dries out air. It’s even worse when you go to sleep with it by your bed. Ever woken desperate to quench your dried throat? Your lips starting to crack a bit? That’s the heater. You can easily negate its desertification of your room by buying a humidifier available from Dischem, Clicks and Pick n Pay. It works by spritzing water droplets into the air – helping to stop your mummification!

Skip the caffeine, drink H20.

It’s tempting to have delicious hot beverages in the heart of winter. And who can do without their morning cup of java? The problem is, both tea and coffee are diuretics. They cause you to lose precious body fluid. Rather drink water. You don’t have to drink it cold – an old “granny” trick is boiled water in a mug with some lemon juice squeezed in. Nice and hot, it makes for great sipping. And you should be sipping water anyway, since gulping by the gallon is dangerous. Over-hydration can be fatal, as it causes a massive electrolyte imbalance in your body. In any case, studies show caffeine drinks only give a short-term lift. If you’re well-hydrated, you’ll have sustained energy.

Winter Beauty Tips

Exfoliate the ex-skin.

You know you need to moisturise to keep your skin glowing and healthy. But did you know it counts for naught if you have too much dead skin on the surface? Your moisturiser won’t get to where it’s needed. Ensure you exfoliate regularly – and especially before applying your make-up. Or the dead-skin could end up caking into gunk.

Winter Beauty Tips

Wash with warm water rather.

We’re not saying you should shower with warm water. We know how exhilarating a hot shower is in the freezing cold. But avoid washing your face with water that’s hot. You’ll end up stripping away essential oils. Warm water is gentler on your skin. Follow up immediately with moisturiser.

Scarves aren’t just for warmth.

Even if you don’t feel you need to wear one, scarves do a great job of protecting your face from icy winds. The cold, dry air wreaks havoc on skin. So, you won’t just be looking good with a fashionable item of clothing, you’ll be guarded against winter’s icy minions.

Keep your beauty a well-oiled machine.

Avoid petroleum-based moisturisers. They’ll just dry your skin out even more. Rather choose oil-based. You might think water-based moisturisers make the most sense for your skin, but not in winter. When it comes to the dry climate, an oil-based moisturiser will help you retain moisture much better.


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