Travel as the birds do, when the winter chill freezes you out


The days get shorter, the nights oh so much longer. Darkness falls as we travel home from work – sitting in our cars in bumper traffic as the chill moves in. And those mornings! The dawn choir, those birds who sang us awake in summer, are not even rousing from their nests yet.

Maybe you should consider taking their example and travel? At least, of their kin who fly in during the warm seasons, and fly out in the cold?

There’s plenty of holiday travel getaways to choose from at the moment. Excellent deals too, despite the Rand’s poor showing recently. Greenstone’s travel experts, Flight Centre and Cruise About, can advise you on what’ll suit your budget, so pop in sometime for a chat.

Fancy an escape to the Big Apple, New York City? It’s the most vibrant city on Earth, a hive of activity day and night. The sheer excitement of wandering the streets of New York is worth the ticket’s price – you’ll feel as if you’re in a movie or television show, all the sights will remind you of something you’ve seen before. But in the flesh is exhilarating to the core. A return ticket is R15,950 and includes three nights.

Or perhaps Dubai, with a return ticket costing only R7,190 with two nights included. Where better to escape winter than journeying into the desert? There’s plenty to do, include shopping at the greatest hub between East and West, and sports such as dune buggy riding.


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