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Upcoming Movies: It’s not often that new movie releases in a single month have a theme to them. We can’t help but notice that there is a trend to the releases coming up in the month of June and that is sequels.

There’s not two, not three, but FOUR releases that we, as an audience, have been acquainted to before – and we have to admit, we’re very excited! So let’s get right into it:

We’re willing to put a wager on the fact that you read that in the melody of the iconic song from Will Smith, and that you have an image of him and Tommy Lee Jones with their dark Oakleys in your head. Well, they are back! Okay, not them specifically, but their just-as-competent colleagues in a quest to once again save the earth from the scum of the (literal) universe. And hey, saving the earth is something we at Greenstone can get behind. Starring Hollywood hotties, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, the fourth installment takes an interesting and refreshing take on a new plot. Liam Neeson has also taken a break from chasing kidnappers to complete an all-star cast. Gary Gray takes the reigns as director and, judging by his track record (The Italian Job and The Fate of the Furious amongst others), we are assured that we are in good hands with this one. As major fans of the franchise, we can’t wait!

June movies

Technically not a sequel, but a remake of the supernatural movie that is as closely associated with the 90’s as The Macarena and Beanie Babies, is Godzilla (the 2014 version doesn’t count!). Who will ever forget the sight of that humongous beast rising out New York ocean? Well, the King of the Monsters is back and will be grazing the big screen on the 31st of May – we know, strictly not a June release, but semantics. This one stars Vera Famiga, Millie Bobby Brown and Sally Hawkins.

June movies TOY STORY 4
We didn’t think we would see Buzz, Woody and the gang back for a fourth installment. Just about everyone would agree that Toy Story 3 ended on a perfect note, so Pixar must have a very good reason for bringing everyone back. According to Wikipedia, some years after Andy gave his toys to Bonnie, Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys are faced with a problem when Bonnie creates a new toy from arts and crafts, named Forky; Forky suffers from an existential crisis about being a toy, which leads the others to try and help him understand how to be one. As Bonnie and her family go on a road trip, Forky escapes and Woody goes to save him, becoming separated from the group near a small town. While Buzz and the others try to help find Woody, he in turn finds Bo Peep (of course) among other toys in the town’s antique shop, and she gives him a new outlook on what being a toy is really about.

The film stars the usual cast and features guest appearances by Jordan Peele and Keanu Reeves (amongst others). If nothing else, the creators can be credited with keeping extremely relative to the times, as existensial and identification crises are very 2019. Let’s just hope that it’s not a case of “should have quit while they were ahead” for Pixar.

June movies

One of the better, and most original, animation flicks in recent years is also back with a sequel which we are immensely excited about. Remember when we wondered what our pets got up to while we’re away at work or school? Well, we’re about to find out again and hopefully we are not as shocked to the core this time around. The fast paced, witty comedy, made by Universal Pictures, proved to be hugely popular amongst fans and critics, raking in nearly $1b at the box office worldwide – meaning making a sequel was inevitable. Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet return to voice the characters of Snowball and Duke respectively, but Paton Oswalt replaces Louis CK as Max, the lead, after CK’s several sexual misconduct accusations. Good on ya, Universal Pictures!

June movies


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