Vampyr. Bloody brilliant.


Vampyr. Bloody brilliant.

The shadows are your cloak. The dark streets your avenues to victims. The good doctor? Your guise to enter the homes of those who must invite you in… before you can drink from them.

But you really are a doctor, a talented physician and researcher returned from The Great War, to find a London ravaged by the mysterious plague burning across the globe. You must do everything you can to save its citizens… or perhaps not, and you would rather see it all smoulder in ruins… You have the power to decide – because while returning to your family on return from the frontlines of war, you’re ambushed by a creature of the night.

Left a vampire, and an all-consuming hunger for blood, you must decide whether to feed or not. Feeding means to kill. A betrayal of the Hippocratic oath. And though you can spare all the sixty unique, personalised, interactive inhabitants within the game, you won’t be able to level up, or regain strength.

Levelling up means access to powerful new vampiric abilities to help you fight against enemies both mortal and immortal, including different societies of vampires, and an order of vampire-hunters.

So, will you stalk to get information and clues as to your victims, so you can enter their lives and their homes? Those weaker-willed can be compelled through your mind into less conspicuous areas. But the stronger-of-character citizens you’ll need to manipulate and charm into making themselves vulnerable to feeding.

With their lives all interconnected, the death of your victim will ripple throughout their family and friends. Vampyr is a truly reactive world. A role-playing game that brims with violence and action.

A London, an alternate 1918, where you truly do impact the city around you. If you want to experience the next level of immersion, get Vampyr when it comes to BT Games this Tuesday 5 June.

BT Games. Not just a store, but a doorway to new worlds.


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