What will you be doing in 2019


What will you be doing in 2019?

The Year in Review
The new year is upon us. And this year has been quite a rip-roaring ride.

There were many interesting exhibitions and expos, such as the Tintanic. If you remember the blog, the Tintanic is an almost completed miniature replica of the original Titanic, that amazing gargantuan ship which sunk under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. It made for a great educational experience for the kids.

But the year is now drawing to a close; and here’s to hoping next will be an even better one.

In any case, we’ll all soon be making New Year’s Eve resolutions. Which will you keep? Well, we think honing your body and mind into shape is a good place to start.

For instance, our Game store and Mr Price Sport have a variety of exercise equipment such as weights, exercise bikes, steppers, even yoga mats. If nothing else, do cardio. Your body will thank you for it. When you’re sprightly with a spring in your step in your nineties.

Yoga is a fantastic way to sharpen your mind by way of stretching your body in poses perfected by yogi masters.

To hone your mind, you can visit Bargain Books or Exclusive Books or Cum Books. You’re bound to get good deals and find books on a number of subjects that’ll inspire you and teach you to become a better you.

Take up jogging: pop into Mr Price Sports, Totalsports, or Decathlon. Then you can hit the streets while mulling over what you’ve been reading, as you get fit.

Make your health a priority as maintaining good health is the biggest investment that you can ever make, without it a lot of things in life become impossible. Healthy living should become a lifestyle, incorporated into your daily activities such as travel, bathing and eating times.

Self-care should not, after a good few weeks, become less important due to stress or schedule.

The simple fact is without good health, you will not live a pleasant life; all the wonders and pleasures of life will unfortunately be beyond your grasp.

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