Winter has come. Quiet literally. May means the end of autumn and official start of the winter season. Although, it’s hard to even tell these days. We must admit we’re big fans. All the other seasons also have their place but winter, winter is special.

It allows us the opportunity for cuddles in front of the fire and showing off our inner Anna Wintour with the layers of fashion we are able to present to the world. But the best thing of them all has got to be the food. Some meals just go down better when it’s accompanied with the cold air around us. Funny how that works. Maybe it’s science, maybe it’s in our heads. All we know is that we must capitalise on the most satisfying foods to keep us warm during the cold.

“Comfort” food is usually synonymous with unhealthy junk. And for good reason. It’s literally been made the association by corporate American food giants to push for sales over the years. And while it’s just natural to associate junk with comfort thanks to it, we’re pleased to tell you that it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be the case. No. We’re saying that it’s very possible to find comfort in food without compromising in health. Intrigued? Read further for some worthy wholesome warmers that will keep the cold at bay this winter.

Yes, you knew were going to through this in here, but for good reason. Soup is the ultimate winter meal. Not only is it healthy, it is relatively easy to make and it fights the winter cold like nothing else. Many people are under the impression that “the bread makes the soup”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you put the necessary thought into the preparation, the soup itself is the delicacy. Some of our favourites to enjoy:

Thai Chicken Soup
Biltong Leek and Sweet Potato Soup 
Butternut with Honeyed Chickpeas

All of these ingredients can be found fresh at our Woolworths and as for the Biltong, well we have not one, but TWO shops that specialise in it for this must try recipe: Mr Biltong as well as Biltong@ZA. Stop by even if you don’t plan on these recipes.

Another winter classic is a well-made curry. As opposed to soup, crafting requires a little bit more effort, but it’s well worth the extra work.

Suzelle is a master in all things DIY. So naturally, making a chicken curry qualifies too. Check out the recipe, extracted from her cookbook, HERE.

It’s nearly impossible to mention the word “curry” and not automatically think about lamb. A lamb curry hits the spot like few other things. This BoKaap Cape Malay recipe that would make you wish winter was really several years long as it was in Westeros.

Or visit Curry Lounge and see what they have on offer.

You didn’t think that we were going to leave out anything of indulgence, did you? Just because want you to stay in shape during winter, doesn’t mean we can’t let you in on our secret, little healthy dessert options.

Low-carb Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie
The ultimate crowd pleaser. This basically giant chocolate chip cookie is low-carb, free from gluten and dairy, not to mention that it can be made with vegan substitutions as well, is perfect for right out of the oven eatery.  Winter without chocolate chip cookies? We could never. Get the recipe HERE

Heathier Malva
Just like soup and chocolate chip cookies, no winter can be gone through without having malva. Luckily for us, this time around we can go through the season guilt free. It wasn’t easy, but we found a fantastic recipe that still allows the satisfaction and great taste of the South African favourite without the worry of putting in a kilo or two because of it – no need to thank us.

We will advocate it as much as we can, the Free From range at Dis-Chem is a godsent. As far as you can, substitute the ingredients with the options from the range – all of the taste without any of the junk.

And just like that we helped see you through another winter with wholesomeness. Just kidding, the winter is still long, and we still have many cold nights ahead of us. Winter has the ability to bring the worst out in our stagnate nature. Remember to keep as active as you can and try and stay away from the junk. But with great, healthy food we hope that we can make the climb a little easier. We value you, our shopper, like that.

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