Winter beauty tips: Winter is GOOD for you.


Winter beauty tips: Winter is GOOD for you.

Despite its bad press, winter isn’t that bad for you and your complexion. Especially in the Southern Hemisphere. Sure, it was a very cold winter for us in Johannesburg. Even icy cold rain on some days, and a strong desire to never leave the heater’s side again. But we’re nearly through it, and you’ll miss a few things.

For instance, you’re smarter in the cold. Smarts are beautiful.

Countless studies have shown what you may intuitively know. When the weather is chilly/frosty, your brain actually operates more efficiently. Think about it. On those hot summer days, when you’re sweltering into sweat, how good is your sudoku? Not very. The reason for this is, your brain burns glucose when it focuses on tasks on hand. And the hotter the temperature, the more glucose it has to consume, until you’re ‘burnt out’. Even the expression supports the argument.

Meanwhile, when the temperature is cold, your body uses less glucose to keep itself to the core temperature. Here’s an article on how much of an Einstein you become.

Which is great for productivity. So next time someone gets testy about the office thermostat being a little too icy for them, just yell back, “Don’t you care about the success of this company?!”

That’s also beautiful: the ice ‘tude.

Cryogenic freezing keeps your youth
The cold has a ‘cryogenic’ effect on your skin. It tightens your face, energising it, and bringing colour to your complexion. It slows down cellular activity. It basically does what throwing yourself into an Icelandic fishing hole would do. (They’d find you in five hundred years, and you would swear you hadn’t aged at all).

The point? Embrace the cold! It’s keeping you lovely. And the lesson you can learn from this is, if you’re brave enough: when you wash your face, never use hot water. And preferably not even warm.

Use cold. It’ll lock in pores and leave you youthful.

Nearly goodbye
Unfortunately, we all took winter for granted while it was here, and it’s nearly gone. So for next week, look out for our beauty tips on surviving hay fever and allergy season.

Beware: spring is coming.


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