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Greenstone is home to 156 stores to be indulged in for Simply Sensational Shopping.

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    Gift Card

    Because life is complicated enough, simplify it with a Greenstone Gift Card. Greenstone Gift Cards are sold at our Info Kiosk near Ster Kinekor on the lower level during Centre trading hours.

    Gift Cards are accepted at all Greenstone stores with Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card facilities and are valid for 3 years from date of issue.

    Gift Cards are available in any denomination between R50 to R5000.

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    Spend Human Rights Day, the Right Way

    There’s a very special day in this month for humans. Specifically, South African humans. The 21st of March is Human Rights Day. While we’re not forgetting the importance of what this day represents, we’re extremely thankful that it makes for the first, and much needed, public holiday of the year. By this time the kids [...]

    Reintroduce Dr Seuss

    Reintroduce Dr Seuss “If we didn’t have birthdays, you wouldn’t be you. If you’d never been born, well then what would you do?” Dr Seuss The 2nd of march was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Also simply known as Dr Seuss day, it’s a day in a month that are both dedicated to encourage humans to read [...]

    How to live green

    How to live green Between cars, factories, those pesky litterbugs and the toxic gasses released whenever we Doom that annoying fly, our environment is in a sad state. The sad reality is that it’s impossible to expect humanity to fix their ways overnight. What we can do is make a change in ourselves and hope [...]