LaMara Paris at Greenstone Shopping Centre

LaMara Paris

La Mara footwear & Accessories, a division of the Levitech Group, is founded by one of the most influential individuals in South Africa’s Footwear industry. For us, it’s not only about selling a shoe or an accessory, it’s about the experience. It’s the inspiration you feel when putting together a new look, the creativity of flirting with fresh styles. It’s about discovery and freedom in fashionable footwear that is affordable.

Shop Number:U062

Trading Hours:Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM; Sat & Sun: 9AM - 5PM

Landmark: LaMara Paris is on the upper level, close to Markham & Woolworths. Easy access from Entrance 5.

Centre Information

180 Minutes free wifi
Ample parking
Greenstone Shopping centre food court
Food court

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General Management

General Manager
Tiffiny Scott
011 524 0445

Operations Manager
Eddy Pillay
011 524 0445

Property Administrator/Leasing
Tracey Erasmus
011 524 0445

Marketing Manager
Delta Bellagarda
011 524 0445

Sales Manager
Chanel Ivan
011 524 0445

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