Facilities at Greenstone

Greenstone has an Information Kiosk on the upper level near Miladys. Visitors to our information desks are offered assistance with gift card sales, general queries, store directories, wheelchair and buggy rentals, first aid and centre promotions.
Customers have access to one hour or 100 mb free WIFI in the centres common areas. Ensure your wifi is on when entering the centre, select Greenstone@VAST, register, accept the terms and conditions and enjoy. Once registered simply login and claim your complimentary access each time. Selected stores and restaurants also offer free WIFI, simply keep your wifi connection on to pickup the various locations.
Centre facilities such as restrooms, walkways, entrances, elevators are all designed to be wheel-chair friendly with specially marked parking bays located very close to the entrances and restrooms allowing for convenient access for disabled visitors. Wheelchairs are available on request from the upper level Information Kiosk and Centre Security Office during Centre trading hours. Feel free to ask any member of our security staff to point you in the right direction.
To show our appreciation for the senior citizens in our community, Greenstone offers free parking all day on Wednesdays. A number of stores now also offer various points and discounts to pensioners. To qualify for the free parking visit our Information Kiosks near Miladys (upper level) during centre trading hours. For more information on these discount offers click here
Wheelchair Parking Bays are set aside for wheelchair users & persons with disabilities. They are not only close to the entrance, but are also wider than the average parking bay. The extra space helps:
  • A wheelchair user to transfer into their wheelchair from their car.
  • The helper of a person who uses a wheelchair, to park the wheelchair next to the car so that they can lift the person from the car and place them into the wheelchair.
  • The helper of a person who uses a wheelchair, to offload a person from a kombi in a wheelchair down ramps or with a wheelchair lift.
Persons who use these parking bays need to apply for a Wheelchair Parking Permit, also known as a "Disabled Parking Permit", "Handicapped Permit", "Disabled Placard" or "Disabled Badge", which is displayed on the vehicle upon parking it in one of these bays. The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities can also supply information and assist with registering and applying for a Disabled Parking Disk to be able to park in Disabled Parking space, +27 11 452 2774 or Email: edwina@ncpd.org.za
Conveniently accessible on both floor levels, our restrooms come with unisex baby changing facilities that offer a comfortable, safe and pleasant environment for parents with babies as well as family rooms for easy to use bathroom facilities for toddlers. Moms and Tots parking is available at entrance 2,3 and 8 with easy access to entertainment stores and either baby product stores.
Hop onto the Gautrain midibuses departing from Marlboro station heading to Greenstone! For more info Click Here or call 0860 GAUTRAIN. Tickets for the midibus service are available for purchase at Marlboro station. Tickets cannot be purchased on the midibus. Download Map